The Importance of Spiritual Meat


This writing has arisen from the interpretation of a divine dream.

I was with the Church by this natural view and lifetime’s experience, through my quest of God’s glory, and the gaining of His wisdom and truth, when my journey with the Church showed me that the care and nurture function of many churches is based on the church people’s hasty and protective decision to store away and hide the gospel in a safe place.

Through my natural comprehension of the whole Church’s place, as a parenting and nurturing society, and amidst the churches and faith-training institutions I’ve experienced, these seemed to be trying to persuade me to take the direction that they were proposing, whereas all-the-while, I was looking to the future, looking out for the refinement of my own faith and seeking God for the ministry gifts which the Church needs as its source of counsel and growth.

The Church’s direction and mine, are the same and in unity, and our mode of travel :in: this quest for a spiritual life, are founded upon our God’s judgments and upon walking in spiritual warfare, whilst we carry this cargo of ‘the meat’ of the God’s Word as a teaching’s claim and right for the people, but which teachings’ ‘meat’ by my sight and discernment is bound up, inaccessible and hidden from the people, and which ‘meat’s’ teachings, by their very nature, carry the judgment-food and discernment-food which the people need, for their own freedom and divine right of passage.

As the Church and I arrived and continued to walk :in: this place of spiritual life, founded upon our God’s judgments and walking in spiritual warfare, I’ve noticed this clear distinction between a spiritual and a natural pursuit in God’s kingdom, where the natural church-house has locked away the treasures of God’s house, whereas the place we’re called to reside in, is higher, even higher than what the Church considers its treasures.

1_Eagle Clouds

For the natural view and pursuit of the churches’ people is where we see ourselves as a storage depot, for a lifestyle’s information and knowledge on how to live life. But this door of our natural comprehension, where we cherish the hope of an opening for how-to-live our lives well – is this doorway of our great God’s eternal gospel, and its supernatural power source for the people’s hopeful entry point into a better life – see Rom. 1:16-17. For, since this gospel is eternal it cannot be stored and locked away naturally for any people’s convenience sake!

Holy Spirit is testifying that this hopeful entry point for the people’s treasury and storehouse of any goodness has been locked up by many church people’s judgments, hypocrisy and presumptions about a natural view of the Word of God’s truth, whereas our real spiritual life, is founded upon our God’s judgments and decrees, and carried on, by walking circumspectly in spiritual warfare.

For Holy Spirit’s direction is to a place of spiritual life, lived supernaturally, where this house-of-God is enclosed, protected and preserved in His promise of restoration, revival and renewal, and that this is a lifestyle and direction-of-life that’s open to all, not just a select few who ‘own’ a storage mentality.

This place of the Word of God’s spiritual meat, open-to-all, is a place of spiritual life and revival, but it’s entry by the church people is seen by them as a “pastor’s privilege”, a dead and undesirable way to live, and as a temporary lifestyle, even a precarious way to live, for it’s viewed from an area that’s supposedly open to all, but into an area that’s obviously not open to all.

The Lord says: Turn your head to the left, and look up! For there’s a stairway that’s constructed of your hard and carnal ways, which you’ve climbed many times, but now I-Am changing all this suddenly. Will you not be My witnesses?

For the view that My word gives you is traced by your spirit, not by your mind. Yes, it’s as though there’s been a baron, wind-swept. rocky peak, as this mountain view of your hopes and expectations, even your view of My harvest field, but the wind of My Spirit is blowing a fearsome gale onto your mountain tops, hopes, and dreams in Me, and upon your expectations of Me, says your God.

Amidst this fearsome sound of change, and your anxious expectations of My sudden changes, fix your eyes upon My people’s desires for a good life. Go back to your place of birth and view the passions you’ve had as a child and secure the comforts or terrors you found there! My fearsome compassions for your soul’s safety will comfort you there. Yield to the coming threat of my ravishing storm front, and I-Will find you here.

For, further to your left, further into the realm of your spiritual unity with Me, says the Lord; is this place I-Have prepared for your people’s growth – any people’s growth! I-Am working on your people’s mind-sets, heart-states and hopes for their futures, but take this knowledge from Me, and take it to heart says your God: ” All the trees of the field shall know that I-Am the Lord; I bring low, the high tree; and make-high the low tree, dry up the green tree, and make the dry tree flourish. I-Am the Lord; I-Have spoken, and I-Will do it” – Ezek. 17:24. ” For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts” – Isa. 55:8-9 – for I-Cherish my people’s hopes, desires and expectations of their futures.

Holy Spirit is directing us that our ‘life house’ is each one’s own living space, and that we are responsible for what we eat as spiritual food. As God’s church, we ‘prepare our own meals’, and whereas the result of our spiritual eating by each church’s teachings, should result in ‘gold placed on our table’ as increasing our faith and spiritual unity, bringing us personal peace, and making us feel content with the powerful sustenance that God supplies; some of our food has gone rotten!

Mature and trustworthy church leaders and ministers, even ‘ministries’, will have ‘garnished your food’ with a delightful array of herbs, spices and sauces, but it is not the garnish that we eat, but the meat!

Any mature house-of-God or church fellowship, will have this natural view of themselves well prepared: where they see themselves as a storage depot, for a lifestyle’s information and knowledge on how to live life, but our great God’s clear thrust of holy conviction is that, although many of us think of ourselves as mature in this storehouse of knowledge, we need real spiritual meat in order to be able to discern our great God’s judgments and to enable us to walk in true spiritual warfare, through our convictions of our own godly contentment and through the divine and eternal covenant’s sacred security.


For our lands cry out for our people.

The spiritual, rational and eternal claims of this post are derived from a divine dream.

For anyone’s interest in more dream interpretations that’s I’ve written, please go to this link, which opens a site where I’ve posted an eBook, that details the interpretation of a series of three dreams, and is titled: Stargazing with the Star Maker.

“Gospel & the Church” is the post-category of this post. To see further explanation as these examples of “what the church is doing with the gospel”, please follow these links to two Kris Vallotton videos on YouTube.

~1 With this testimony of a Business woman and Psychic, who’s been totally changed, through the gospel’s power. This is a short video, of only six minutes.

~2 With this creational-prophecy: that our purpose as the Church, is to see in the darkness, as any owl would see. This is a longer video of about 30 minutes, with lots of testimony that will “add Kris to your wish list”! It’s only a link to the video, truly.

More recent prophetic counsel (it’s now June 2021) regarding how our Lord sees His churches’ states, can be found here through this eBook:

The eBook can be downloaded through this link.

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