What “Rule of Law”?

Have you too, been wondering over this last year or so: What rule of law are we operating by?

It seemed fine for a start. Yes: “For the sake of our nation’s security, bio-security! we’ll settle into this lock-down until this storm of a pandemic passes”.

And then we had Victoria’s case, which got us all very concerned and wondering about how “this pandemic” was being handled. And then we came to know some facts!

So now, we’re into the vaccination phase and contradictions still abound about how our nation’s citizens are being treated by our governing authorities/public servants. Many are concerned about the increasing numbers who are reacting, even dying post-vaccination.

So, I took a further exploration into the background and foundational laws upon which our State governments and our Federal government is basing their ‘tactics’ or containment strategies and the measures they’re using to enforce them. Is it all justified?

My hope and intention with the following, posted eBook, is that in reading it, people will realize that we do have rights, that our laws are made for our good and for our protection, and that there’s hope on the horizon for a greater-than-normal lifestyle at the end of this tunnel we’ve been lead into.

Just so you’ll know when you download the eBook! – the picture above is the cover picture of the book. Ha, ha…, …sorry about the presumption. Please feel free though, to download your free copy. Sincerely! I think we-as-Aussies need to know, and anyone for that matter.

The eBook is only 21 pages and any reader can pick and choose what their interest is through the table of Contents, through a formatted commentary and script of a video, and some informative and thought provoking pictures. There’s also some law-claims there that you might find handy.

Your free download is through this link by an external data-source-provider. It’s safe! I’ve been using it for years.

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