With a family background “from off the land”, some training in Agriculture and now: my thirty-year-history of Christian experience backed up by a degree in ministry training, also a Masters degree in community development, I offer this discussion and resource site for anyone’s interest, and especially as a service to God’s people.

God’s people come from all walks of life! I was first mentored by an Aussie shearer, who’d been saved into Christ’s life, through powerful Grace and who was my first pastor and shepherd. I originate by birth from southern New South Wales and the kindred families’ lands of the Wiradjuri tribe’s people, although my covenantal land location is with the people’s covenantal origin of the Bunda family of the Darrriebullum nation’s tribal custodianship.

Besides writing Christian books, I’ve worked with the original people of Darrriebullum-Bunda’s lands for a fourteen-year period, cooperating with all concerned, for our community’s development. The homeland of our people is Paddy’s Island: now known as Alcarrra, meaning “where the old people dwelt”.

With a total of seven local church commitments over a 38-year period to date, including leadership positions and whole-hearted servings, “under my belt” – all of them Pentecostal in worship style – I seek to combine and publish what I’ve learned in writing, in order to bless others and provide a godly guide for people’s true faith.

“Council of the Holy” is one of my favourite Petra songs, and this is what I seek to bring into all realms of what’s published here.

For anyone who’s interested in the articles I’ve posted here, and the eBooks that are linked throughout this site, and for anyone who would like any further information, please contact me through this email address:

In the name of the Most High and Most Compassionate God that ever anyone will know, and for the sake of the security and stability of all people’s faith and eternal destinies, by John Taylor.

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