Prophetic Testimony of the Churches’ State

With this prophetic-dream’s-Source as this personal-testimony:

I was in a connection of unceasing work with the church, on my way to heaven, whilst doing God’s will, when an obstacle: an interference to God’s will and the church’s direction came into my view. I saw this obstacle clearly in the traditions and unchanging habits of the church and people, and thought “it’s nothing to get excited about”.

Mike's Sunrise

Whilst travelling confidently with this journey’s Controller, I realized that this vehicle for the journey as the people’s divine connection and co-habitation with God through God’s Church, is built to cut-out all annoyance and interference for the people, but that the tradition and unchanging habit of the church is stubborn, strong and won’t move, even that it leaves no-room-to-move, and the people are in a place where very little gets them excited.

My dream and calling within this transitory journey, is with my choice and knowledge of God’s will and His will for me, whether I experience angelic, human-spirit or demonic influences, I know that God has chosen a specific group of people for me. And whatever spiritual source of interest or influence arises, this choosing of a group of people is always my main-stay.

Whether from my home, or from within my church’s covering or from my two-families who are both remote from this immediate setting of my church-connection, dream and calling, I have been given opportunities Whose doors I’m able to open.

In my home, and church and two-families, I know that my God has prepared a table before me, such as my natural dad never did – of course! – and that I’m able to chase away the devourer, and any curse or plague along with recognising it’s dirty residue as unclean.

My calling in this place of service is to bring-in the promises of God, and His sustaining provisions for God’s house, that will deal effectively against these devourers, curses and plagues that have left this dirty residue of tradition’s apathy and a personal-control’s-quest amongst the people, for my God has promised to do it with me.

This calling and place-of-service is my outlook, from which I see the people’s Dwelling Place as these people’s divine connection and co-habitation with God as the Church, coupled-together as a powerhouse at man’s control, but powered by God when correctly aligned with His will.

Holy Spirit is expressly warning us, that spiritual sources of manipulation and control are seeking to cause division amongst God’s people, particularly in this area of our service to, and amongst our brothers and sisters, by people’s hard-hearted and needy-indifference through such estranged and wounded people as they deal high-handedly and ignorantly with the needs and cares of others, and through competitive, performance-based behaviours.

Through my connection of unceasing work with the church, on my way to heaven, whilst doing God’s will, my senses with this view of my calling and places-of-service – home, church and two-families – are captivated by Holy Spirit’s sovereign power and mobility, where He’s able to ‘bring down’ the right things at the right times for the right people, amidst any situation and personal circumstance.

Bid for Boldness

From this outlook of my calling and places of service, I see that the church has deviated from Holy Spirit’s track and power, deviating away from God’s plan and purpose for the people, where the Church and it’s leaders would otherwise have been God’s Dwelling Place as these people’s divine connection and co-habitation with God through Holy Spirit’s powerful and personal presence, these people’s traditions of man-made behaviours, make the commands-of-God, of no-use to them at all, in that many people of the churches are ‘off track’ with the knowledge of how to do God’s will amongst the people we’re called to serve.

For these churches’-deviations are as a train travelling over any track’s-junctions where all man-made-traditions and control-behaviours have de-railed this coupling of man’s control from God’s will, by the traditions and control-behaviours, so protectively held amongst the people and leaders. I feel a divine warning in my spirit: that we are not to view these changes from past experiences, in-that Holy Spirit wants to bring changes to our churches.

For the spiritual view of the ways that church traditions and control behaviours have affected the people of the churches, is not able to be seen by our natural sight, nor is any view of the natural surrounds able to deliver any people from the effects of their traditions as these have blocked any peoples’ obedience from doing the will of God.

For the spirit realm as a knowledge source is well aware of the people’s position and is taking advantage of it, even the evil intentions of the people’s hearts as they’re hardened by traditions’-behaviours and are-set secretly on their own lusts and strong desires for control within churches, are the source-base, for the spirit realms’ control of the people’s motivations.

Also, with this warning: that this realm of calling and place of service with the church is this world system’s most treasured stronghold, that a religious vexation is a-top the agenda and spiritual motivation of the human-heart’s comfort zones, because people who are stayed on religion and personal control are satisfied with a confederate and collaborative vexation at others who don’t agree with the comforts they’ve secured.

These same people are vexatious and aggressive against those who are jealous for the Divinity’s Dwelling-Place and co-habitation with His people as His Son’s Church, as we’re empowered by Holy Spirit, doing His will.

Holy Spirit is stressing that these warnings are expressly for the future and now-time, for as God’s people rise up to do His will, these vexations, impasses and personally competitive contests will come, but the people whose hearts are set on doing the will of God will know that the commandment is from God, and that eternal life is in this lifestyle that does this Will and lives by these volitions.

For many church leaders and church-goers are vexed with these temptations, arising from stalwart traditions and control behaviours, arising also from their own safely secured comfort zones, and from an ignorance of God’s will, and in the spirit of their own leadership and counsel amongst their people, they are telling Holy Spirit what to do, as though the Divinity’s counsel is at their command, whereas this command Source exists-spiritually and personally as the function, purpose and divine-make of the Body of believers. For any church leaderships are meant to be the shepherds of the people’s divine-Unity and co-habitation with God, as His Church’s priests and Son’s-Bride, rather than a club mentality of contrived unity.

For anyone who’s interested in divine dreams’ interpretation, there’s a free eBook here that I’ve written. It goes through some principles of interpretation, by way of these examples, as I’ve interpreted a series of three dreams, by this book’s writings. Enjoy!


Tiger Dive


I was with the Church by this natural view and lifetime’s experience, through my quest of God’s glory, and the gaining of His wisdom and truth, when my journey with the Church showed me that the care and nurture function of many churches is based on the church people’s hasty and protective decision to store away and hide the gospel in a safe place.

Through my natural comprehension of the whole Church’s place, as a parenting and nurturing society, and amidst the churches and faith-training institutions I’ve experienced, these seemed to be trying to persuade me to take the direction that they were proposing, whereas all-the-while, I was looking to the future, looking out for the refinement of my own faith and seeking God for the ministry gifts which the Church needs as its source of counsel and growth.

The Church’s direction and mine, are the same and in unity, and our mode of travel :in: this quest for a spiritual life, are founded upon our God’s judgments and upon walking in spiritual warfare, whilst we carry this cargo of ‘the meat’ of the God’s Word as a teaching’s claim and right for the people, but which teachings’ ‘meat’ by my sight and discernment is bound up, inaccessible and hidden from the people, and which ‘meat’s’ teachings, by their very nature, carry the judgment-food and discernment-food which the people need, for their own freedom and divine right of passage.

As the Church and I arrived and continued to walk :in: this place of spiritual life, founded upon our God’s judgments and walking in spiritual warfare, I’ve noticed this clear distinction between a spiritual and a natural pursuit in God’s kingdom, where the natural church-house has locked away the treasures of God’s house, whereas the place we’re called to reside in, is higher, even higher than what the Church considers its treasures.

1_Eagle Clouds

For the natural view and pursuit of the churches’ people is where we see ourselves as a storage depot, for a lifestyle’s information and knowledge on how to live life. But this door of our natural comprehension, where we cherish the hope of an opening for how-to-live our lives well – is this doorway of our great God’s eternal gospel, and its supernatural power source for the people’s hopeful entry point into a better life – see Rom. 1:16-17. For, since this gospel is eternal it cannot be stored and locked away naturally for any people’s convenience sake!

Holy Spirit is testifying that this hopeful entry point for the people’s treasury and storehouse of any goodness has been locked up by many church people’s judgments, hypocrisy and presumptions about a natural view of the Word of God’s truth, whereas our real spiritual life, is founded upon our God’s judgments and decrees, and carried on, by walking circumspectly in spiritual warfare.

For Holy Spirit’s direction is to a place of spiritual life, lived supernaturally, where this house-of-God is enclosed, protected and preserved in His promise of restoration, revival and renewal, and that this is a lifestyle and direction-of-life that’s open to all, not just a select few who ‘own’ a storage mentality.

This place of the Word of God’s spiritual meat, open-to-all, is a place of spiritual life and revival, but it’s entry by the church people is seen by them as a “pastor’s privilege”, a dead and undesirable way to live, and as a temporary lifestyle, even a precarious way to live, for it’s viewed from an area that’s supposedly open to all, but into an area that’s obviously not open to all.

The Lord says: Turn your head to the left, and look up! For there’s a stairway that’s constructed of your hard and carnal ways, which you’ve climbed many times, but now I-Am changing all this suddenly. Will you not be My witnesses?

For the view that My word gives you is traced by your spirit, not by your mind. Yes, it’s as though there’s been a baron, wind-swept. rocky peak, as this mountain view of your hopes and expectations, even your view of My harvest field, but the wind of My Spirit is blowing a fearsome gale onto your mountain tops, hopes, and dreams in Me, and upon your expectations of Me, says your God.

Amidst this fearsome sound of change, and your anxious expectations of My sudden changes, fix your eyes upon My people’s desires for a good life. Go back to your place of birth and view the passions you’ve had as a child and secure the comforts or terrors you found there! My fearsome compassions for your soul’s safety will comfort you there. Yield to the coming threat of my ravishing storm front, and I-Will find you here.

For, further to your left, further into the realm of your spiritual unity with Me, says the Lord; is this place I-Have prepared for your people’s growth – any people’s growth! I-Am working on your people’s mind-sets, heart-states and hopes for their futures, but take this knowledge from Me, and take it to heart says your God: ” All the trees of the field shall know that I-Am the Lord; I bring low, the high tree; and make-high the low tree, dry up the green tree, and make the dry tree flourish. I-Am the Lord; I-Have spoken, and I-Will do it” – Ezek. 17:24. ” For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts” – Isa. 55:8-9 – for I-Cherish my people’s hopes, desires and expectations of their futures.

Holy Spirit is directing us that our ‘life house’ is each one’s own living space, and that we are responsible for what we eat as spiritual food. As God’s church, we ‘prepare our own meals’, and whereas the result of our spiritual eating by each church’s teachings, should result in ‘gold placed on our table’ as increasing our faith and spiritual unity, bringing us personal peace, and making us feel content with the powerful sustenance that God supplies; some of our food has gone rotten!

Mature and trustworthy church leaders and ministers, even ‘ministries’, will have ‘garnished your food’ with a delightful array of herbs, spices and sauces, but it is not the garnish that we eat, but the meat!

Any mature house-of-God or church fellowship, will have this natural view of themselves well prepared: where they see themselves as a storage depot, for a lifestyle’s information and knowledge on how to live life, but our great God’s clear thrust of holy conviction is that, although many of us think of ourselves as mature in this storehouse of knowledge, we need real spiritual meat in order to be able to discern our great God’s judgments and to enable us to walk in true spiritual warfare, through our convictions of our own godly contentment and through the divine and eternal covenant’s sacred security.


For our lands cry out for our people.

The spiritual, rational and eternal claims of this post are derived from a divine dream.

For anyone’s interest in more dream interpretations that’s I’ve written, please go to this link, which opens a site where I’ve posted an eBook, that details the interpretation of a series of three dreams, and is titled: Stargazing with the Star Maker.

“Gospel & the Church” is the post-category of this post. To see further explanation as these examples of “what the church is doing with the gospel”, please follow these links to two Kris Vallotton videos on YouTube.

~1 With this testimony of a Business woman and Psychic, who’s been totally changed, through the gospel’s power. This is a short video, of only six minutes.

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Cut to the Chase

When a mob of “Poms” are out on a fox hunt, mostly they just amble along on horseback in the English countryside. Their hounds are set in pursuit of any fox’s scent though, and the fella with the bugle is watching their behaviour.


Suddenly, there’s a bugle blast and the lords “get their bums into gear”! Let’s cut to the chase with our faith.My own life has been a bit like these lords lately, just ambling along. But our Lord has blessed me with a set and flow of divine dreams.

Along with a prophet’s counsel, I’ve been enabled by Holy Spirit to “turn these dreams” into prophetic testimony and direct prophetic oracles from the Heart of our Father. This first one is very much along the lines of “cutting to the chase” with the Divinity’s counsel as a personal motivation source. I’ve been praying that anyone who reads this dream’s interpretation, presented mainly as my own personal testimony, will be blessed and guided by Holy Spirit’s counsel.

~Dream’s-Interpretation, mainly as my own personal testimony

For the Hand-of-God has introduced me into a new season of service, where I’m receiving the provisions, personal powers and faith gifts of God’s people, at this receiving dock and summary post in His kingdom.

For the Leader-of-Families is in my view as the Receiver and Distributor of God’s Word, but I’m having this personal difficulty of finding a transference vessel that will supply and fill the lack within the people’s conscious ownership of God’s Word, amongst God’s people and fill our whole consciences with the knowledge of God’s Word & Ways.

“In my dreams”, through the service I’ve already done amongst God’s people, I’ve found a corporate and personal vessel for this transference of the knowledge of God’s Word & Ways for the people’s spiritual food supply source.

This cry and service of my heart’s stance has reached the Face of my God’s counsel, where He’s been viewed as a stern Controller, and this matter of a fit and sound transference vessel, fit for transferring the knowledge of God’s Word & Ways, is taken up in the courts of heaven, ready to be dispatched for the people’s sake.

As I’ve been serving Christ, my Saviour has said: “he who serves Me, the Father will honour” – John 12:26.

Whereas Christ has purchased an “artificial vessel” as His Church, with all our imperfections, lack of holiness, tried-and-true ways that we rely on, sinful state and whole hearts’ disposition in this world, still: Holy Spirit is our sovereign Counsellor, Helper and Guide who’s come to help us decipher our growth state as His children, for we are planted by His Hand, and grown up in this state of His high, lofty and awesome position through our personal knowledge of His will & His ways.

My own state amongst this transference of God’s Will & Ways, is-as-one with a knowledge of the Divinity’s will and ways, such as any Christian is afforded through our faith and Holy Spirit’s patient teaching with us, but Holy Spirit is testifying that His ways are much higher and much more lofty when coupled with God’s will for our whole lives’ triumph in this lifetime, and that He wants to serve us with this knowledge.

Holy Spirit has asked me to serve Christ and “unload this container vessel” for Christ’s Bride’s sake – this “container vessel” of our imperfections, our lack & need of holiness, our tried-and-true ways that we’ve relied upon, our sin-conscious’ state and our whole hearts’ disposition in this world – through taking a burden-bearing stance with Him for His bride’s sake. For such needs and their replacement supplies are great, they’re awe-inspiring in their height, holy and royal in their personal position and eternal in their value.

For “the government shall be upon His shoulder” and “of the increase of His government and of peace, there shall be not end” – Isa. 9:6-7. Holy Spirit is teaching us, that as we “shoulder the burden” of God’s people, He takes over.

The distance between us and Christ is an artificial distance!

For any purchase is a possession-case and there’s no handing back of our lives, once we realise that they’re purchased by Christ. His ownership of us is an awe-inspiring “space” through our hearts’ and minds’ claim of the gospel and through our constant worship, but this shouldering of His burden for His people sake, is His way: “Come to Me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I-Will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light”.

“I-Will build My Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against her” – Matt. 16:18 – is our risen, exalted and glorified Saviour’s claim. And yet, Holy Spirit is expressly saying: We-Have relocated this planting of the Lord, these people of this Great Shepherd’s pasture. For the Landscaper of His bride’s environs has planted a mature tree and people’s planting, fresh and new, planted in this fresh heart-soil where there’s no lack nor constant need, nor any bewildering need of holiness, nor any need for tried-and-true ways that are the security of anyone’s reliance, and no competing sin-conscious state but a whole heart’s holy disposition in this world.

Holy Spirit is also indicating that there’s an aftermath of a spiritual flood beside the old way of God’s people’s gatherings where tried-and-true ways have cloistered the people into a “feed me once a week” style of reliance, and that this site is devastated by His Hand. Nevertheless, some small, tender plantings remain in such places where Christ himself is carefully nurturing their growth, for these ones are planted in good soil where there is a constant moisture supply, even though such ministries have threatened to crush them.

Christ himself has great compassion and tender care for such tender plantings.God’s will and way, working in tandem is the key transference vessel I’ve found, where Christ’s counsel is made available to us who walk with Him, by Holy Spirit’s help.

Holy Spirit is especially counselling those of “tried-and-true”, “weekly-feed” churches, that the revival, refreshing and renewal of your churches will take some time as yet, so be very patient, but the Landscaper is coming to renovate these spiritually flood-ravaged churches, and He offers this counsel: to look upon, nurture and grow the “landscape” of your people’s hearts’ desires in Me, for your progress.Holy Spirit is also testifying: Yes, it’s late. It’s always late for you, for you’ve been through an hour of testing and trial, faith-proving and refining of your ways, by the purity of Christ’s golden Will and Way. Through these times, I’ve purified My way in your heart, so as your will is in greater conformity with Mine. I-Have placed in your heart the fiery desire of a fervent love for My glory, so as you may know that you are walking with Me in My way.

The lateness of our work-time indicates the Way of our Saviour’s fervent love for His people. Our whole lives’ work-time has been for spiritual revival, personal refreshing, and society wide restoration of our cultures and societies, and for the stability of our lives as shepherds of God’s people’s delights. So God’s love is shed abroad in our hearts, by Holy Spirit’s passions, even for these things.A divine season of testing and trial has passed for some and for many, whereas the divine grace ministered through the Bride’s mature five-fold ministry is bringing in the personal holiness needed to anchor our souls, cause us to wisely lift people’s burdens, and bring in Christ’s government through His Church.As the result of this dream, and as consistent with its composure where I’m presented in a summary position, I’ve posted a Note on my Facebook site, called Summary Position. This Note is an exhaustive summary of scripture references throughout the Bible of what it means to be committed to revival and reformation in this hour, as Directed through this dream.

Thank you for the honour I’m given by your reading of this article. May our God multiply the blessings you’ve received by confirming and establishing these spiritual facts, by Holy Spirit’s recall of these truths in your day-to-day life. All true honour is from God alone.

If any reader would like to look further into some divine dreams I’ve interpreted, please go through the following link, for access to an eBook I’ve written:


“Line upon line, precept upon precept, until we hear His Voice behind us saying: here is the Way, walk in it” – see Isaiah 28:5-6 & 9-10, also 30:21.

Our hearts-of-faith are in His trustworthy hands. For we are entering this day:

In that day the Lord of hosts will be a crown of glory, and a diadem of beauty, to the remnant of his people, and a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment, and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate – Isaiah 28:5-6.