Lawful Claim Rights

Any thinking person would know by now that we’ve been “caught between a rock and a hard place”, since these last ten months of “a Covid pandemic” have taught us: taught us? taught us! Taught us what!

That the whole pandemic, the spread of the virus no matter how many ‘new strains’ they’re claiming, the wearing of masks, the social distancing, the self isolation, the tests but possibly not the quarantining in-a-measure, are found to be a hoax, a nation-controlling mechanism.

Don’t get me wrong! There is a viral or bacterial-pathogen and the disease is real.

But for any unbelievers in those claims of a devastating, nation-and-global-wide hoax, there’s a brief description of the conditions that have caused that, and with supporting references in this document I’ve written called: Personal Rights Claim. It’s short, and it will give any reader confidence that there’s lawful grounds on which to stand against the hoax.

So, let’s call this: The Rock

There are simple preventative measures and cures.

“From disease to dominion”, the following video ‘comes in at ground zero’. Please! If anyone’s contemplating getting the vaccine, please don’t. The video is not just about that, but contemplating the taking of a vaccine is the rationale that ‘brings in the rock‘, and the ‘hard place‘ between which hopefully: we stand.

Before the video, please know: there are cures and preventative measures, even if you get the virus. So, that should take the hysteria out of ‘getting the vaccine’. It’s really simple. If you feel you want or need protection, 55 medical professionals and qualified doctors recommend this:

Vitamin C, 1000 mg (or more) 3 times daily
Vitamin D, 5,000 IU/day
Magnesium 400 mg/d (in malate, citrate, chelate, or chloride form)
Zinc, 20 mg/d
Selenium 100 mcg/d

Anyone can use lower daily doses of those nutrients as a preventative measure, and if you feel the symptoms of a cold or flu coming on: up-the-dose! The same doctors recommend that you gargle a small amount of 1% to 3% hydrogen peroxide and/or use a nebuliser with the hydrogen peroxide as a combatant therapy if you feel an onset of stronger symptoms.

In general, the medical authorities I’ve seen and read say that the coronavirus infection is curable so long as it’s caught early, also that there’s fourteen effective medicinal and/or nutritive treatments and cures.

So that’s The Rock! Now, this is the Hard Place:

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice’s interview of Dr. Delores Cahill.

Sorry folks! The video pictured above was available to view and listen to through this site until YouTube decided to delete it from their database – par-for-the-course at the moment! But I managed beforehand to copy and upload it here. It really is enlightening.

Logic of the Hard Place: Prof. Cahill’s professional rationale as a professor of immunology and genetics shows that vaccinated persons themselves will exhibit symptoms of the disease due to their immunization with the vaccine.

Such symptoms, including severe reactions or death – even as we’re witnessing now from America’s and other nation’s ‘roll-out’ of the vaccine – may show shortly after vaccination or may be invoked by the vaccine’s resident genetic capacity in the future: up to 3 or 4 years hence by a Cytokine Storm that destroys the body’s internal organs.

Therefore the future occurrence of symptomatic people who may be claimed as evidence of a pandemic by any Governments, will not be due to any spread of infection but to the administration of the vaccine, making any future claim that’s based upon the occurrence of symptomatic people, contradictory to any claim of a pandemic’s spread, and making that claim a false claim!

So, the ‘hard place’ is revealed! Even though people may get vaccinated, the genetic nature of the vaccine sets them up for future infections and possible death so that governments who are still in submission to the global regime can claim future pandemic numbers, justifying their stance and allowing socialistic and communistic takeovers.

But we will not stand for it, even though we’re in this hard place.

Prof. Cahill also explains this safeguard that’s been agreed upon by the UK’s medical people. She states in the video that’s linked above: Cytokine Storm, that the medical profession has the knowledge and technology to determine through postmortems whether the coronavirus was the cause of death or not, which will be a crucial criteria for judging whether future death statistics are due to the vaccine’s mode of operation or another cause.

It ‘draws me towards” weeping, to know that our humanity of this age has plummeted to such depths! Can you believe it? “All is fair in love and war”, and this is war! So, let’s stand in this place between a rock and a hard place. Do you have the will & perseverance to stand?

Our stance :between: a Rock and a Hard Place

There are simple, lawful claims that can be made against the hoax of ‘a pandemic’ – the personal ones as shown in the picture, and the last governmental one. The write-up of this 11-page document that I’ve just completed, named: Personal Rights Claim, shows it all!

If you’re looking for the evidence and rationale that supports the claims as pictured above, then please download the Personal Rights Claim. It’s written primarily for ‘yours truly’: me! and that-of-necessity because State laws must be quoted. But other State origins can use it as well because it can be copied and adapted. Only minor parts of it will need changing.

In my well-considered opinion, as backed by sources of evidence:

It’s unlikely that governments will obtain the statistical data to justify a pandemic and keep up with their containment measures as the platform for introducing socialistic and communistic laws, for many law organizations, also some government agencies, political lobby organizations and individual citizens are awakening to the hoax that claims we’re in a ‘new normal’ transition.

The Personal Rights document also supports and clarifies those claims.

We have armor to ‘don, for “where sin increased, grace abounded all the more“, ~cf. Romans 5:20-21. We’re getting reports already of Holy Spirit moving in power, healing those whom we’re praying for, releasing captives from religious bondage, connecting people of like-faith, and lifting us up from our weaknesses into God’s strength.


The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me ~Psalm 138:8a, and: There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you/me would keep at it, and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears, ~Philippians 1:6, MSG.

So now we must cling tightly to the hope that lives within us, knowing that God always keeps his promises! Discover creative ways to encourage others and to motivate them toward acts of compassion, doing beautiful works as expressions of love ~Hebrews 10:23-24, tPt.

Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the Day approaching ~Hebrews 10:25, Amp.

Each one’s work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work, each one has done, ~1 Corinthians 3:13, ESV.

Concerning the eternal gospel and the Day of judgment:

They know what is right and wrong, for their conscience validates this “law” in their heart. Their thoughts correct them in one instance and commend them in another. So this judgment will be revealed on the day when God, through Jesus the Messiah, judges the hidden secrets of people’s hearts. And their response to the gospel I preach, will be the standard of judgment used in that day, ~Romans 2:15b-16, tPt.

Wow! The apostle Paul had the confidence to say: to the gospel I preach will be the standard of judgment used in that day!

Is it any wonder then, that we cling to the hope of the eternal gospel:

For there is salvation in none other, for there is no other name given under heaven among men whereby we must be saved ~Acts 4:12.

…no one else .. has the power to save us, for there is only one name to whom God has given authority by which we must experience salvation: the name of Jesus, ~Acts 4:12, tPt.

And what is God’s ‘living message’? It is the revelation of faith for salvation, which is the message that we preach. For if you publicly declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will experience salvation. The heart that believes in him receives the gift of the righteousness of God—and then the mouth gives thanks to salvation. For the Scriptures encourage us with these words: Everyone who believes in him will never be disappointed, ~Romans 10:9-11, tPt.

So, go on! Believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead in order to justify you, that is: in order to forgive you of all sin and correct each-and-every one of your wrong doings and wrong states (justify you). Then, do as the scripture says: ‘publicly declare’ or confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord – your Masterful Maker!

Speak it out to someone, and you’ll experience salvation.

As a final warning. Yes, a warning because I’d hate to see so many more effected by the vaccine as this woman has been. She normally works as a nurse in America, but after being administered the Covid-19 vaccine, well she’s a physical mess. I say that sincerely.

This video shows that she’s in constant muscular spasms, and she describes the progression of the vaccine’s effect over three days. The vaccine was administered to her on Monday 4th January. Subsequently on the Tuesday she went to work but felt flu-like-symptoms also developing stomach pains and diarrhea.

On the Wednesday, two days after the vaccination and genetic mRNA immunization, she was too sick to go to work and her tongue started uncontrollable spasms. By the Thursday, just three days after the vaccination, she became as you see her in the video:

full body convulsions or muscular spasms with little relief as she sleeps and as she says: they get worse when she gets up in the mornings and she lives like this every day. Please have the courage to watch the video and please pray for this one:

F.a.c.e.b.o.o.k.’s URL would not let me embed the video here, but it can be downloaded from this site onto which I’ve posted it. Can we please honor this lady for her courage? She’s gone public with this video, saying at the end: There’s nothing that would convince me that this (the symptoms shown above) is not from the Moderna vaccine.

Pray and Intercede for the Damaged Ones

Protect Yourself

Resist the Fraud/Hoax

Stand Strong against Lawlessness

And, it looks like the World Freedom Alliance have got the true attitude towards all this: “We’ve got this, so let’s rejoice”.

Prof. Delores Cahill is a founding member of this European based alliance.

Becoming Covid-Safe and Free!

Winding-down “the pandemic”! Is it possible?

The difficulty with that seems to be that our politicians, health authorities and the general public seem to be-being controlled by fear and intimidation, and God-forbid: by coercion or at least by the complacency that forces the habit of “do as we’ve always done”.

This article’s screenshots from an article posted in The Australian news on Christmas day may give some reason’s why “the pandemic” hasn’t been solved as yet, for it reveals that the politicians and health officials are still at odds, what-to-do.

The key information is photographed in the picture above if anyone would like to enlarge it by clicking on or tapping on the image.

The truth is, this senior scientific advisor to our Federal Government took the initiative to allay the fear and stop the early purchase of the vaccine, then the Opposition leader criticised her claim, but our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has already allowed the previously unlicensed Oxford-AstraZeneca legal access to our nation’s medical services so as to allow early procurement. A government working against itself!

There are many suggested influences of external coercion, bribery and even of blackmail that I’m not intending to discuss or propose here, but should-the-logic of my last post – Covid Cures and Prevention – be true, then in general:

Our decision-making, health-and-political public servants have been “comfortable in bed” with the perpetrators of this “pandemic” for far too long.

Take, for example, this recent news about the asymptomatic transmission of infection that’s proven to be a hoax, or at least taken as justification for introducing coercive containment measures such as the lockdowns, social distancing, mask-wearing and even to some extent: the contact tracing, revealing these to have been unnecessary.

Enlarging the picture by clicking or tapping on it, will give the reader the needed definition for reading the writing! The link to the original article is here.

Yes! I know! “But the governments didn’t know that an asymptomatic person is not able to spread the virus so they implemented those measures on us, for our safety”. But the study was complete in June, so why are we still subservient to border shutdowns and other containment measures when these could have been ended in July, had we the intelligence?

As pictured, this is the sort of situation they’ve encouraged – both the politicians and health officials with their lax adherence to the available studies and true scientific advice, also the mainstream media reporters and reports – for such incompetence creates division in a crisis.

Now! Where did those politicians and health officials of ours fall asleep? Let’s investigate.

Photo Credit: Joe Neely of JM Neely Photography

These bees sleep together in a flower! Please bear with me as I use that image to describe this scenario of where our Public Health Rights have fallen.

Orange flower < -equals or is comparable with- > the bed-place of the pharmaceutical companies’ ties with our political and health authorities’ requirements for public medications, made-of-money! Does anyone have some annual, financial figures on that?

These will fit the bill:

Already, our search for a vaccine has cost us $3.3 billion, and the article is not clear whether the ‘investments’ our Federal Government has made of $363 million and a further $203 million are included in the $3.3 billion figure or not.

That could be $566 million on top of the $3.3 billion, totalling over $3.8 billion. And that’s just the upfront, initial search cost without purchasing the actual vaccine! Someone stands to profit hugely from this deal! So, let’s consider the:

Two-huddled-bees < -equals or is comparable with- > our nation’s doctors, huddled up in mutual comfort, denying their true commission that’s to heal by whatever means are safe & effective.

Well, they took the Hippocratic Oath, didn’t they? Well, no. For it’s become outdated and is replaced by the Declaration of Geneva, which confesses a true ethical standard that’s equivalent.

And on-the-whole: Why have they come to deny that commission, assuming they have?

Somehow, through their training, doctors tend to, or God forbid: are commanded or coerced into, prescribing medications by a database schedule that’s provided to them by the pharmaceutical corporations. And we all know or have learned lately, how easy transference and control of that transference is over the internet, for each doctor’s share of that database.

The database has a medication ‘recommended’ for each of the various types of diseases and conditions that patients ‘turn up with’. And guess what! The same corporations that make the database: also make, provide and supply the medications that it ‘recommends’ prescribing.

If that’s not control in the marketplace, then I’ve never witnessed it.

Each doctor has a database of medicines that are-to-be prescribed for all various types of conditions, and I’ll ‘bet my bottom dollar’ that this same database concurs with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme’s (PBS’s) list, which is supplied by ‘our designated’, globalist-run pharmaceutical companies, and funded 89% by our taxes.

So, on the one hand, the bed is made for a ‘cure-all’ vaccine, the initial ‘make-ups’ of which are to-the-value for the pharmaceutical companies costing in the vicinity of $3.8 billion. That’s one expensive bed! Should I note that, although nine potential vaccines are on the ‘waiting to be approved’ list, none has been approved as yet, nor has any proven itself safe nor effective?

And, on the other hand, we have a nationwide network of doctors and officiating chief health officers who also are doctors, who’ve gone to sleep in this bed they’ve now ‘drawn into their practice of slumber’. For already, they’ve each become accustomed to prescribing their $40 billion dollars worth of prescription drugs annually on the basis of the pharmaceutical companies’ prescriptive schedule & Government’s PBS.

That’s a nice little ‘sleeping pill’ isn’t it: $40 billion per year, so long as they prescribe what’s already pre-scheduled by the pharmaceutical companies. And how tight has this net been drawn around our necks by the pharmaceutical companies?

They have the doctors prescribing according to their orders at the rate of one new medication of theirs being added to the PBS per day! not per week or per month, but one new product per day! and they have our Federal Government pre-ordering an unknown quality but prescribed quantity – 25 million doses – of a ‘cure-all’ vaccine by early 2021.

Only God knows how much they stand to reap out of that final-or-first purchase of ours.

Sleep tight doctors, chief medical officers and health ministers, for our Federal Government combined with the globalists’ pharmaceutical companies – aptly named COVAX – have provided you with a bed made from habit: “do as we have always done”, and a sleeping pill worth a cool: $3.8 + $40 = $43.8 billion dollars.

That’d be enough to put anyone to sleep in their “do as we’ve always done”, mode.

And that all comes out of our tax-pockets and the coming generations’.

So how do we imagine our future?

That $43.8 billion is a pittance in comparison to what “the pandemic” has cost us already, which must be way-over $200 billion, and yet when there are cheaper alternatives, the question must be asked: Why haven’t these been prioritised?

Well, of course, it’s due to the bed-&-sleep scenario that the cheaper alternatives haven’t been sourced nor implemented. But why haven’t these been prioritised?

  • The use of inexpensive and proven-to-be-effective, medical cures such as are detailed in my previous post: Covid Cures and Preventions.
  • The use of cheap preventative measures to save our frontline workers, elderly folk and anyone who’s feeling vulnerable, also in that previous post.

And, into-the-bargain, we have a globalist collaboration: COVAX who’ve already received, or are pledged to receive $43.8 billion out of our pockets – that information comes from official government documents that are linked above – receiving that amount upfront with little or no product purchased or supplied from them, and who-only seek to provide an eventual cure for “the pandemic” in twelve months time!

Whereas, we have at least one organisation of doctors – and others alongside – who boldly claim that the pandemic can be stopped within a month if our medical and health resources along with the known and effective cures and preventions are implemented through our health systems and facilities. Again, our hearts ‘crinkle’:

Why haven’t the cures and preventions been recognised by our commissioned Health Officers and Politicians and implemented throughout our Health System? Why!

I think some very sleepy and huddled doctors have been leading us up the pharmaceutical companies’ garden path for O-so-long that our feet have become weary, our hearts heavy and our whole nations’ populations: devastated!

So thinks another! That’s Robert F. Kennedy and his site: Children’s Health Defense.

Please, don’t-get-me wrong. I know and firmly believe that many vaccines and vaccination programs have been crucial for saving lives and ‘stemming the tide’ of diseases, but it’s now ‘fallen upon us’ to know this difference.

What’s been found out, is that in these last 30 years this scenario of profiteering by the globalist-owned pharmaceutical corporations and by their infiltration and coercion such as with this bed-&-sleep betrayal of our nation’s public health rights, has been perpetrated against the nations and that our Australian health system has fallen prey to it.

It’s way past time for a change of our ‘medical and health guard’.

So says this newly formed World Freedom Alliance too, whose stated objectives are:

“We will provide a worldwide platform linking with various associations and organisations offering access to justice, true dialogue for health science and politics, while holding worldwide officials to account under the law“.

Other professional proponents for a quicker and safer fix to the pandemic are:

As of the 19th November 2020: 35,236 medical practitioners, 12,115 medical and public health scientists, and 638,921 concerned citizens have signed what’s known as the Great Barrington Declaration, in order to rationalise the true medical fight against the virus.

It recommends an approach of Focused Protection that will encourage Herd Immunity. That is: protect the ones who are most vulnerable while advising the public about how to prevent infection, using the cures that are available and thereby developing immunity in the populations of the nations.

This approach of Focused Protection and developing Herd Immunity recognises the dangers of using mandatory mask-wearing and lockdowns as containment measures, showing that these are a source of worsening the rate of infection, not containing it.

Many doctors have been advising that lockdowns endanger public health by lowering the body’s available vitamin D due to decreased exposure to direct sunlight which otherwise produces vitamin D through the skin’s receptors, and is a primary source of fighting infection.

Can 35,236 medical practitioners, 12,115 medical and public health scientists, and 638,921 concerned citizens be wrong?

Can our National Cabinet and its medical advisory committees be found to be implementing what’s ineffective? :snore-snore:

The title just about wraps it up! “Covid-19 News and Policy Analysis” that’s made up of updated videos by qualified and practising doctors that inform the inquirer about effective treatment regimes and national policy recommendations.

Therefore, even apart from the two main committees who inform the National Cabinet, we have what I consider to be equally competent, although alternative sources of advice and counsel. This is not conspiracy thinking. This is evidence that’s bought to light by thousands of doctors.

  • The Concerned Lawyers’ Network. Having written a comprehensive letter that contains many exhibits as supporting evidence, these lawyers have sent the letter to key Federal and State governing authorities. This research document of 229 pages on the appropriateness of how our governments have used the law, forms a large part of the foundation on which the Concerned Lawyers base their claims.

So, to-date, how is our Federal Government handling “Becoming Covid-Safe and Free”?

Well, the official focus and reliance is still: a cure-all vaccine, although there’s a cautious culture developing about its use. I can’t shout loud enough!

I’m hoping that this article, combined with the previous one will provoke some interest in these nationwide fixes of “the pandemic”, for two reasons:

  • Since there are cures and preventions of the Covid infection and disease, then the implementation of these throughout our health systems by our health authorities will alleviate and progressively stop the spread of the disease.
  • Medically proven strategies as replacements for the current, containment measures that are being used exist and may be implemented by our health and political, public servants at-will.

On the background of the hopeless strategies that have been-being used, which have caused the devastation of our state and national economies, not to mention the high cost to people for their livelihoods and families, it’s high time that we saw what’s effective to stop “the pandemic” implemented!

Does any reader here, hear of success stories where individual cases of infection have been cured, community clusters wiped out and nations freed from the scourge of the control and manipulation of the accepted containment strategies?

If so, please let us-as-readers of this post, and me as its author, know! We each need mega doses of hope. That in itself will begin to rid us of “the pandemic”.

As for the veracity of the Covid-19 testing methods being used and the effect this is having on what I believe to be ‘creating the pandemic’, please see this brief write-up I’ve done as a brief analysis of the two main types of tests being used and their usefulness, or uselessness!

And, for-a-start “get a load” of this!

As a result of our recent outburst of covid cases in Sydney, our NSW Health people have issued this very comprehensive list of venues that are ‘watch points’ for infection, but the article states:

“People who have attended the following venues are considered close contacts and should get tested immediately and isolate for 14 days after they were last there, even if they receive a negative result (from the test)”. A list of 72 venues follows.

The NSW Health Department surely gets full marks for thorough and comprehensive venue citing to enable contract tracing. Well done, for sure. The article cites other venues and transport facilities’ timetables and routes, giving advise on self-isolation and testing.

But how does this fit your claim of safety: “..close contacts.. should get tested immediately and isolate for 14 days after they were last there, even if they receive a negative result (from the test)”. Huh? “..even if they receive a negative result from their initial test”?

What! Don’t our health authorities trust their own tests? Or, is this where this asymptomatic thing comes into play, that even though someone may test negative for a start, they may develop the symptoms of the disease at a later date and test positive for it then?

Well, that’s a primary case for implementing the preventative measures then, isn’t it!

Surely, if these were implemented at this point where the occurrence of the disease is first found, and the people were given advice on using preventative measures then there’d be much less likelihood of them developing the disease, and therefore a reduced or eliminated need for lockdowns and self-isolation.

Another rort! The percentage of people who were initially asymptomatic but who later developed symptoms and tested positive for the disease is claimed by various websites and studies to range from 15% to 81%. Whoopee!

That’s an impossible variance: 81% – 15% = a 66% variance. That means that two-thirds of the tests varied by the accuracy of their results. That is, if the tests that later found them to be infected, were accurate, there’d be a consistency in the results.

But alas! The case of asymptomatic people transmitting the disease has been scientifically tested and found to be untrue, a lie and by extension: a lunatic’s effort at controlling and manipulating nation’s economies, possibly for the implementation of …take your choice!

The best source I’ve found yet for counsel on the key issues surrounding “the pandemic” is this: LifeFacts from LifeSite News.

Please see my write-up appraisal of the test methods and methodologies for a true conclusion to this post. There’s also a document I’ve compiled called A Plea and Pattern for Prayer Over Nations as a plea for, and describing and ‘prescribing’ the practice of, identificational repentance for our nations, based upon Hosea 4:1-6 and Isaiah 5:11-13.

Thank you for reading this far. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

Ha, ha! Here’s the latest as I publish this post:

Did you hear about the ZIVERDO therapy for Covid-19?

It’s the post of an article explaining that there’s a course of medications that’s available for just $2 and that’s been developed by an Australian and is sold in India. Go Aussie! Go! Go India too!

Christians & Intercessors!

If this post has raised concern or compassion over these issues, then please read the linked document – A Plea and Pattern for Prayer Over Nations.

Our governments are being shaken and we want this to come-out-right. The Promised outcome of all this is: “the refugee will eat in the ruins of the rich” but we need to be praying it through, for “does God do anything without first telling His prophets?” ~cf. Amos 3:7.

I’m not claiming to be a prophet, but I am claiming that God’s Word is prophetic. Cheers.

Covid Cures and Prevention

Governing Authorities that are Truly Deserving of Censure

News Flash! A scientific study that was undertaken in China from May-June 2020 found that asymptomatic transmission of the virus and infection is not occurring and is not possible, rendering the need for lockdowns, social distancing and mask-wearing: unnecessary!

It’s now ten months since the virus was released in Wuhan, and still, we’re finding that our public health authorities and governing officials are approaching “the containment of the pandemic” in the same way, basically through coercive measures.

Are all these containment and tracking measures necessary?

I place the term “the containment of the pandemic” in quotation marks because since this last ten months have elapsed, a large proportion of our nations’ populations have surely grasped the truth that the spread of covid19 cannot be classified as a pandemic.


e.g. These statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the truth that the flu situation in 2020 that’s claimed to be a pandemic, cannot reasonably be called a pandemic because it’s effect is less in mortality numbers than any of the five recent flu seasons.

That’s not to say that the infection and disease are not serious – they are! It appears that the first stages manifest as the flu, but if left untreated, the disease progresses to a very serious lung infection resulting in internal bleeding. Albeit, “pandemics” are quantified using numbers!

In general, without Covid mortalities included, there were 116,345 deaths in Australia between 1 January and 27 October 2020. The average over the past five years for the same period is 117,484. That means that there were 1,139 fewer deaths in 2020 than the previous 5 years.

There were 9,977 deaths from respiratory diseases – not including Covid deaths – between 1 January and 27 October 2020. There were 907 deaths from Covid-19 between 1 January and 27 October 2020.

The average number of deaths from respiratory diseases for the same period between 2015 and 2019 was 12,161. That means [12,161 – (9,977 + 907)] there were 1,277 fewer deaths from respiratory diseases, including Covid-19 in 2020 than in an average year.

Therefore in spirit, “the containment of the pandemic” is what presents on the mainstream media’s news reports and official authorities’ press presentations and releases as the motivation that’s still behind our leaders’ actions, even though there’s no pandemic that needs containing! Do you not believe so?

With an infection rate of tenths of a per cent, we now realize that curative and preventative measures must be applied to those who are vulnerable, that is: to the elderly, those with coronary conditions, diabetes or other chronic conditions and to those who attend and care for the infected ones.

Therefore, the question must be asked: Why aren’t our public health authorities and governing officials promoting and implementing the cures and preventative measures that are available?

It’s been a sweaty, sticky, steamy ten months!

Please, let me surmise an answer and explanation to the questions: Have the containment measures been necessary? And: Why aren’t our public health authorities and governing officials promoting and implementing the cures and preventative measures that are available?

And let me surmise answers to those questions on this background of these certifying health professionals’ witness and testimony that’s recorded through the links and explanations below, for example:

Whole societies of professionally qualified and practising doctors have been protesting against the nations’ political and health authorities’ handling of “the pandemic”. Therefore, at this ten-month mark: Are any of our authorities showing any evidence of taking the advice of those who are more qualified?

My plea and purpose through this writing is to show that there are curative and preventative measures which have proven effective against covid19 infection and that by not promoting these, our public health authorities and governing officials have been misleading us.

Therefore, I call upon each reader of this article to acknowledge this truth that we-as-a-nation have diverted so far from the ethic of our public authorities being our servants for our good and honoured as such, to this position that’s deserving of censure where they see it as their duty to control and manipulate us “for our own good” as deceivers.

Yes, as deceivers! For, if our public health authorities and governing officials are withholding the information that their portfolios and professions have commissioned them to serve us with for our good, and they’re found to have neglected to implement the help they’re commissioned to give, then they’ve deceived us, either through ignorance or wilfully through neglect of their duties.

I’m not writing these words to provoke civil disobedience and civic rebellion, but to call into place this knowledge that may explain how we’ve allowed this culture and characteristic of control and manipulation through our governing officials to dominate our society. But first, the background, which may persuade a reader of my claims.

February 2020

Now that was news ten months ago!

The article goes on to claim:

“Loving the photo, but needing authentication, I consulted my physician correspondent in China, Richard Cheng, MD. He confirmed it, saying: “This was reported in the Chinese media about 2 weeks ago.” Another translator has also independently verified the accuracy of the translation.

Don’t you think that our political and health leaders should have made us aware of this news at that time – two-week’s-before 23rd February, or at least by the end of February 2020? I think so.

So the Chinese authorities did have the upper hand on controlling the spread of the virus (controlling the pandemic) at that time. If any reader would like to look into further medical evidence on the use and effectiveness of high dose vitamin C against viral infections, please read on through that link (same one!).

May I reassure any reader that the linked information and claims about cures and preventative measures that this article cites are all endorsed, confirmed and authorised by multiple, fully qualified medical doctors, such as with this list that’s written into and confirms the validity of the article that’s linked above.

Current Cures

Many societies of doctors have published information on the effectiveness of cures for those who’ve suffered an infection from covid19. I’ve become aware of a group or professional society of 600 doctors internationally based and coordinated from Europe, which group includes the collaboration of Robert Kennedy Jr & others.

Albeit, this information from the Orthomolecular News Service (OMNS) provides a summary of the various cures that have been found to be effective by such doctors. This article cites and briefly explains the operation of fourteen effective treatments and six cures.

Please refer to the article for the information.

It’s also broadly known that any dietary supplement or practice that will support and enhance a person’s immune system’s response to infections is very useful as a preventative measure, such as using vitamins C & D. The OMNS also has archived, detailed information on the use of these supplementary dietary nutrients.

Preventative Measures

Again, the OMNS has published this article that explains how the use of various concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, used as a gargle after suspected exposure to infection sources, or used through a nebuliser to treat an initial infection or suspected symptoms, is useful and critical for frontline workers.

So, what about our public health authorities and governing officials?

In my opinion, it’s obvious that these leaders of ours have opted for “the corporate concede”, conceding to the Australian Medical Association’s (AMA’s) demand that’s backed by the American Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO) that anyone who doesn’t “tow the line” for implementing the solution of a vaccine-cure-all, will lose their medical accreditation and along with it, their Medicare bulk billing right, therefore their livelihood!

There have been “societies” of doctors who haven’t conceded to this madness, but our Chief Health Officers along with their advice to the Federal and State Health Ministers are “in there with this concede to coercion: hook, line and sinker”, and the fish they’ve caught is the general populace who are otherwise the ones – you and me! – for whom they are made responsible by their commissioning for our nation’s health.

So we’re irate at their incompetence and apparent, wilful neglect of their duties and have become ashamed of them. After ten months of this madness, they’re still in denial of any cures, refuse to promote preventions and insist on applying the oppressive measures that their “professions” have taught them (controlled them into believing) will “contain a pandemic”.

Professing themselves to be wise, they are shown to be fools! Any true change from this position may be too hard for them even though we persist in praying for it, but it would be extremely simple, viz: promote the cures and preventative measures, lift the containment and control strategies and target those most vulnerable with effective preventions and cures.

May “the fist” of the Almighty be clenched over these ones whose professional lives have been so infiltrated by coercive and wrong judgments that they see He’s plainly in opposition to them so that they change back to doing us good and not evil.

Concluding Prayer

God! Deliver us from this madness once-&-for-all, we pray in Jesus’ name.

We comprehend something of the intellectual-, professional-, and corporate-interest -strongholds that have initiated and do perpetuate this madness, but You alone know the hearts of each one and You alone have formed them and do make them conform to Your all-in-One purpose.

So, we plead with You dear God: please change our direction as a nation that’s governed by such people, either by changing or replacing them and by changing us for their help, so that our health and governing networks are freed to look upon what’s right and do it with consistent, clear hearted and unflinching, courageous resolve.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: Amen

For any Christian Intercessors‘ interest and practice, please read this document I’ve compiled as A Plea and Pattern for Prayer Over Nations, especially if this information has stirred new knowledge about the injustices of what we’ve been experiencing.

So, who will it be that’s “thrown to the lions”? And will they be protected while there?

And who will it be that exchanges their position of counsel and decision making power for the Truth?

I-for-One will glory in the Truth.

It’s about time that Santa bowed to the Christ Child who’s a child no more, but who having died in our place, taking the penalty of death for our sins, is now risen from the dead, exalted as Ruler and Judge of all, and glorified in the heavens, ready to answer the cry and plea of otherwise lost sinners like you and me.

He hears our cries for justice, that is, for the correction of these wrongs we’ve suffered and are still suffering to some degree. So, let’s continue with believing prayer that’s voiced in the confidence of what our God has promised to do.

Merry Christmas one-&-all.

Confirming Sources – Please Use!

Virus Tests & Testing

Why Covid-19 Testing is a Tragic Waste

“Covid Testing” is what perpetuates the fraud pandemic. Quote from the article: “PCR tests are not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as they cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones“, which is a statement made by the scientist who invented the test, but the article gives much more information on the whys-&-wherefores showing how the tests are being used.

The Malicious Pfizer Corporation

Dr Michael Yeadon, the former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Pfizer, blows the whistle on data being deliberately hidden or ignored about the virus, the vaccine’s development and its effects.

Criminal or Corporate Convictions of Pfizer

Pfizer: $4.7 billion of Commercial Penalties

How can our Government(s), employers, schools etc demand that we each have this “quick fix” of an injection when the corporation that’s developed it has been penalised for false claims and safety violations to-the-tune of $4.7 billion since 2000? If our Governments and corporations don’t turn from their current intentions, they’re guilty of malicious intent.

Resist the malice! Since there are cures and preventions, there’s no need to surrender to the fear of contracting Covid-19. The likelihood is minimal anyway! Even if you’re tested, it’s very likely to be a false positive. Symptoms too can be dealt with early as the linked articles show. So, there’s no need for fear.

But there is a need to combat the fear-mongering by sharing true information. Please excuse this next picture’s tongue-in-cheek presentation. There have been such claims made about the vaccine’s effect and medical cases of its effect once it’s administered and as it’s planned.

This site presents a good guide and counsel about such concerns.

A Summary of the Preventions and Cures:

As a rough guide from what Orthomolecular’s 40-or-50 doctors are recommending and others, these methods and measures are being used as per the linked articles above:

  • Any vitamin or food-nutrient that helps the body’s immune function can be used as preventative measures, e.g. Vitamins C, D & A used advisedly. The web page on this site titled: Health Safety has a source for Colloidal Silver and a recipe for an Antibiotic Tonic.
  • It’s claimed that a 3-times-daily intake of 1000 milligram tablets of vitamin C can control an infection
  • Gargling a 1% or 3% concentration of food-grade hydrogen peroxide can be used as a preventative measure for “frontline workers”/anyone at risk of infection or who feels they’re infected.
  • Nebulizing a 1% or 3% concentration of food-grade hydrogen peroxide can be used to control an early onset of symptoms or may even cure an infection. A nebulizer can be purchased from your local Chemist or online.
  • A source for ordering food grade hydrogen peroxide is here.

So, why worry! But please, take action against the malice and fear.

And for any doctors, health authorities or health officers: surely these medications can be mandated for use throughout our well-developed hospital health system! And, it begs the question: Why haven’t they?

It’s coming to light more-and-more that there are effective medications and combinations of medicines that can be used as treatments successfully against even the advanced stages of the SARS-Cov-2 infection.

  • This video by Dr. Richard Bartlett, a West Texas physician, shows how he has treated several dozen Covid-19 patients as of mid-June 2020 with nebulized budesonide – a medication used widely for asthma sufferers –  and he has asserted that all have promptly and dramatically responded positively and none have died. The article from the Orthomolecular News Service states that: “Sequential, or even combined nebulizations of budesonide and hydrogen peroxide would appear to have great potential for a safe and rapidly effective treatment for any respiratory virus, including Covid-19. The hydrogen peroxide would serve to promptly kill the virus in the airways, and the corticosteroid would relieve the Covid-19 inflammation (“cytokine storm”) and the associated shortness of breath”. The video can be downloaded through this link.
  • Doctors are also using the anagram of MATH+ to identify a treatment protocol of a combination of medications that it’s claimed, will cure the disease. The article uses technical terms for the prescriptive use of the medications that only a trained doctor would surely know how to interpret!
  • Ivermectin is also being used as the picture below shows and as further internet searches will reveal.

Please click-on, or tap the picture below in order to get a clear picture of the full story.

But surely, it’s the corporate complacency of doing things the way we’ve always done them that blocks these pathways to rational thinking, even for competent practice. So:

It’s surely plain to see, that as we witness such glaring contradictions as have been stated in this article, that we-as-a-nation have fallen into the trap of trusting those who are untrustworthy.

But there is One who is:

For there is salvation in none other, for there’s no other Name given under heaven among men whereby we must be saved ~Acts 4:12.

There’s this too: there’s a course of medications made up in a single blister pack that’s available for just $2 and that’s been developed by an Australian and is sold in India. Go Aussie! Go! Go India too!

I’ve made a brief study of the Covid Testing methods as an appraisal of ‘where to go from here’, so this is available to any reader: gratis!