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It’s designed for anyone’s thinking and contemplation of the truth.



~How We Lay Hold of the Truth

Dealing with Shame – staying free

Staying in Balance with the Word and the Spirit

Opening our Hearts to God’s Spirit and Counsel – true spirituality.

“Messing with” or Triumphing in the Spiritual Realm – a very brief dream’s explanation


For your living unity with the Triune God, please look here.


~How to Stay Clear of Offense

“Skirting Around” that Eternal Question: “Why?”

Going a Little Deeper on the Personal Side of “Why?”


~Victorious Testimonies & Prophetic Claims about Islam

Traveling in the Spirit to Muslims – a gang of youth confronted and transformed

Prophecy re Saudi Arabia & a global movement of Muslim converts to Christianity


~Bible Teachings – “…you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” ~Jesus.

Raptureless! and a Victorious Eschatology – a brief run-down and reference source.

Church Councils, Regional and Global Church Councils: Are they God’s will?


~Spiritual Conduct & Taking Authority together as God’s people:

How we ‘walk as one’ against fear and overcome regional catastrophies.

Our Creational Authority: a run-down & wise-up from Josiah Cullen.

Combating Victimization! How God delivers us from ‘naval gazing’.