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It’s designed for anyone’s thinking and contemplation of the truth.

~How We Lay Hold of the Truth

God’s Gauge of Anyone’s Goodness – the “gate” or door to His heart is wide open.

God at the Center, or God in All? and us in Him. It’s all about the supernatural power of God that changes us and has redeemed us – a very short piece that will focus anyone’s mind.

Dealing with Shame – staying free

Staying in Balance with the Word and the Spirit

Opening our Hearts to God’s Spirit and Counsel – true spirituality.

“Messing with” or Triumphing in the Spiritual Realm – a very brief dream’s explanation

How to Meditate Effectively on God by Bill Johnson. “What delight comes to those who follow God’s ways! … Their pleasure and passion is .. meditating day and night in His true multifaceted light” ~Pslam 1:1-2, TPT modified.

Genderless” – a love-claim of the people’s graces!

For your living unity with the Triune God, please look here.

~How to Stay Clear of Offense

“Skirting Around” that Eternal Question: “Why?”

Going a Little Deeper on the Personal Side of “Why?”

~Victorious Testimonies & Prophetic Claims about Islam

Traveling in the Spirit to Muslims – a gang of youth confronted and transformed

Prophecy re Saudi Arabia & a global movement of Muslim converts to Christianity

~Bible Teachings – “…you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” ~Jesus.

Raptureless! and a Victorious Eschatology – a brief run-down and reference source.

Church Councils, Regional and Global Church Councils: Are they God’s will?

~Spiritual Conduct & Taking Authority together as God’s people:

How we ‘walk as one’ against fear and overcome regional catastrophies.

Our Creational Authority: a run-down & wise-up from Josiah Cullen.

Combating Victimization! How God delivers us from ‘naval gazing’.