Global Church

Ha, ha! Some may think that this is a joke, and indeed: some of it is!

“Laughter is the best medicine”, many would agree. For, anyone’s reading of the poem in the picture above, will lift your spirit, as will this video – the funny side of what constitutes Global Church – it’s happening now, already! Christ’s global church, has become just that.

And, it’s happening on this foundation or footing – Seven Simple Truths about how the Kingdom of God is changing our whole-wide-world!

~1 Church is God’s people, not a building
~2 Church is the Body of Christ, not a denomination
~3 As the Church we’re called to “do life together”
~4 The church has God-appointed leaders
~5 The church is the messenger, not the message
~6 Church is an apostolic center, not a pastoral nest
~7 It’s the Father’s way to touch and transform the world

The video, accessed through the link above, is just 45 minutes’ listening and viewing, and summarizes the approach that this movement is taking. It’s a God-blessed movement.

Surely, many take the notion to heart that the way a church ministry operates is the culture of the kingdom and that this ethic is crucial to preserve; whereas the culture of God’s kingdom is that we’re born supernaturally into His kingdom (1 Pet. 1:23) and that we’re baptized by the same Spirit into Christ’s body (1 Cor. 12:13).

Therefore, globally, we’ve become Christ’s own body in this earth.

It’s a different way for Christians to think! And it’s from God.

If we don’t begin to see ourselves as something bigger than that which we can orchestrate ourselves, then how will we be found to be relying on God, who orchestrates all things and makes us part of His victory?

Some key descriptions of God’s way in this, follow here as links, for the sake of keeping a record of how Holy Spirit is developing this theme, knowledge and movement, globally. Therefore, if any reader has some comments and sources of information to contribute to the knowledge of this developing trend, then please contribute in the comments below.

Nations on the Brink

is a very brief appraisal of our global history and

why all this is necessary.


We Need these Wings

as this lead-in, to

How We Fly” / Heirs of the World

The first two of the links immediately above, are links to Facebook posts I’ve made, but the last one is a link to an article on this web site – my most recent at this date: June 2017. For this explanation is a conclusion!

I use these internal links as these sources of articles within this web site, which are now linked here on this page as well, to show that this “burden of the Lord” has been an ongoing theme for four years now: to wit, this further reading “along these same lines”.

I hope this clarifies these directions, for it’s testimony for us to follow!