I’m presenting this page as a source and guide for the articles I’ve written, but also for the sake of this following video’s concise ‘kingdom claim’.

~Seven Simple Truths, by Tim Lunnon of Restoration Centre Bundaberg

Seven Spiritual Truths

This message by Tim Lunnon, called: Seven Simple Truths, is an accurate claim of what God is doing with His Son’s church, in our day. The message is about 45 minutes in length, and contains these points:

~1 Church is God’s people, not a building

~2 Church is the Body of Christ, not a denomination

~3 As the Church we’re called to “do life together”

~4 The church has God-appointed leaders

~5 The church is the messenger, not the message

~6 Church is an apostolic center, not a pastoral nest

~7 It’s the Father’s way to touch and transform the world

Please feel free to download the message from the link above, called Seven Simple Truths.

~Facebook Posts, Notes & Articles

It’s my hope that anyone who’s interested in any of these titles below, will follow their interest through these links. They’re mostly links to posts I’ve made on Facebook – 99.9%.

Each of the posts on Facebook, are set on the Public setting, so they will remain available for your viewing, listening and reading, even if you don’t have a Facebook site of your own.

Facebook is a conversational style of social media, so please don’t expect a polished form of writing, even so: the Articles or Notes on Facebook are more ‘polished’.

I’ve grouped the links by themes, to enable easier browsing of them, for interest’s sake!

~Following Jesus: Discipleship

Fathers or Sons? – our disciple-making’s now-time, and future focus

The true meaning and consequences of Selfish Ambition

God’s sending and our Transcendence – see also John 6:57.

~My Own Prophetic Claims

Opus Dei – God’s Work – personally prophetic, based on: Mr Holland’s Opus

Conception of a Spiritual Warrior – notice: evil is not good, and good is not evil.

A Love Note! – personally prophetic, for any sincere believer’s courage.

Snatching out of the Fire – a plea for intercessors

A Prophetic Picture’s Claim – describing an intercessor’s stance

Take away the Body of Christ and bury it! – God’s heart for us.

~Some Others’ Key Prophetic Claims

Critique of Two Prophet’s Claims – Kris Vallotton < > J.D. Faraq – Israel & Russia

Note: For any prophet to claim a prophetic word over nations and about nations, is one thing! And it’s a powerful and effective, divine tool. But, for anyone to claim a personally prophetic word over another person, is quite another matter.

That is why I include this video link to one of Kris Vallotton’s videos, in order to describe this balance and difference, for personal prophecy verses prophecies over nations and peoples: Common Misconceptions of Prophetic Ministry.

Prophecy, & God’s Love for Us: Graham Cooke – very encouraging.

Kim Clement’s “Trump Prophecy“, for this Presidential Claim

Delta Force’s type of a prophetic claim – who’s going to be effective?

Kim Clement’s prophecy for the U.N. & “refugees” – given in 2005.

~Spiritual Ownership and Breakthrough

A Prayer, Close to God – a Franciscan blessing.

Living-the-Lifestyle – Abraham’s Call and Follower-ship

Claiming Victory through God’s Will – a very short courage-maker!

“lonely” or: “without rival” – locating your faith in times of darkness

Mental Health on the Clean-up!

What “Doing God’s Will”, amounts to.

God in the Detail of life

Church Culture and God’s Will – a really funny video by Danny Lee Silk.

Beauty-Feet and River Dance – a video, courage-maker for the Church.

God’s Joyfulness is Yours! – a Biblical explanation, esp. on imputed righteousness.

Divine Healing and the Back of Christ – your healing is through your faith in God.

God of our Out-Side – how to “get God” “on your case” & on others’..!

Discipleship – “Live like someone left the gate open!”

Revival in the Making – how societies and cultures are changed, by us!

You Have Come to Zion – now-time, heavenly presence: Heb. 12 is a must!

Spiritual Warfare in a nutshell.

A “brief stab” at Child-likeness – essential for sustaining spiritual revival.

Children in the Lead – sincere and hilarious faith, in a video

~Faith’s Comforts!

The great Protector & Liberator – Christ at a lawyers’ party.

Jehovah Shalom – Breakdown and Buildup of this Name

“Touch Not the Lord’s Anointed” – What it really means.

A Real, True, Prayerful Benediction and Prayer.

~Christ’s Global Church – “the pillar and ground of the truth” ~1 Tim. 3:15-16.

A Funny but Pertinent Video – “catch-cry” of the global church.

“Use it, or lose it!” – with this claim of the people’s-grace-gifts.

~Credible Cases for Creation

The Lost Squadron – How science has disproved itself.

~Notes and Articles

There’s about 40 Notes linked here on Facebook, that I’ve written in Article form,  mostly on issues of faith, the most recent being: What-to-Do, in the Mean Time, which is a grammatical analysis and personal application of the Great Commission.

~This Web Site’s Sources

At least one pastor has acknowledged the truth of my spiritual insight, in describing “what goes on in a church” spiritually, through my interpretations of some divine dreams I’ve interpreted here, in this section: Church and the Bride.

~Critical Morality

Eight Major Studies’ Findings on Homosexuality‘s “nature or nurture” debate.

Gender in Perspective – for the honor of both sexes, and each gender together.

Deja Vou or Deja Poo! – a quick “wake up call” for those lead astray by their tongue.

A Look in the Mirror – about self image as the source of our judgments of others.

“Take Me Deeper Lord” – a look at the faith and love of any reader’s heart.

Musings on our Education System’s Paradigm – “what of” our coming generations?

Heart’s Sight – seeing the unseen, through our hearts’ love of the Divinity.

A Quick Quote on Marriage – God’s witness to the world

Be JoyfulRemember: God’s Joyfulness is Yours! – a Biblical view of imputed righteousness.

~Eternal Salvation

With this Source of our conscience’s freedom and the joy of God over us.

Perfect Love and Personal Freedom – salvation by our right-standing with God.

Our Creation’s Conductor’s Pledge – salvation in the eyes of His authority.

A Funny Story – salvation through wrong fears.

Heart-Rending! – “take me deeper lord”.

Something in the Water – what it means to be born again, alongside a video-song.

More about Water – a very clever cartoon presentation.

Only Trust, Only Believe – the balance between behavior and belief.

Simple Salvation – our whole-of-life: redemption.

Beauty, Shameless Beauty – a video speech by a young mother: great comfort!

Eternal Security – a very short clip-of-a-piece, on hearing God’s voice.

God’s Gift to the World – you! – a graphic presentation.

~With our Lands’ Cultures

Creator-Made, Redeemer-Sustained – our selves and our environment is sacred.

Our Local Land’s Narrative – how the Bundaberg region was colonized.

Originee CombinationJourneys into Justice – with this web site’s and our lands’ (ab)original people’s claim.

Our Whole Nation’s Culture & Society – please pray this video-prayer.


Hide Not! But Glorify God – how we see, is how we lead.

Forty-Five Years Later – Caleb’s triumph, and “your land”.

God’s Kingdom Rules! – and He rules through the unity of our Community!

~Divine Teaching’s Way

Biblical Law, in its Place! – for the up-side, see Galatians 3:23-29.

Intuitive Knowing, God-Inspired – how God speaks to us personally & inwardly.

We learn through love – God’s love for us, and our love for each other.

When all is “dry”, whet your faith with this! – connecting again with God.

“Heart or Head”, it’s Your Choice – the condition of our heart, instructs our thinking.

Emotions’-Block, and Healing – the way we feel, can prohibit hearing God’s voice.

The Summons of God & Your Petition – He’s “just a whim away”!

Sacred Living is Simple – with this focus of a whole life.

The Invitation of God! – caring for others, and “going to the edge” with Him.

The Rest-of-Heart that Honors God – not any religion, but sincere and divine faith.

Personal Confidence and a Secure Identity – the whys and wherefores.

Our Heavenly Father’s Look at Us – as the children of His adoring heart.

~Kings and Priests

Kallistos Ware, Cause of our WonderEach Believer’s Priest-Role – a brief blessing.

Modern-Day: Prophets, Priests and Kings – it may surprise you!

A Rooster-Tail Ride – our will, coupled with God’s.

A Private Place of Prayer & Intercession – a video’s meditation.

How God’s Kingdom is Shown to be True – Todd White in a school, a 13min video.

~Islam & Muslims’ Constituency of the Nations

1927: Morocco – a Muslim king who sheltered and protected Jews!

The Case of Non-Assimilation – and its social & criminal result.

Current-Day Australia – claim of our nation’s population’s stance

Personal & Political Stance – stand strong in faith and love.

A Prophecy for Muslims – “They must get off the boat, or they cannot be saved”.

~Nations / Holy Nation

Nations’ Revival – a source of faith and inspiration for anyone’s belief in national revival

Our Seat of Government – believe it or not, it’s spiritual.

Meaning of the word: Apostle – a concise comprehension!

Church, as the Chosen Generation – Are you called-out by God to belong to God?

An Intercessory Tool for claiming righteousness over any nation

Nation-above-all-Nations – “step off the earth” for a while, and consider this!

Governance from Above – our role, for right-government.

Results of Wrong Government – a commentary on one of Ravi Zacharias’ pieces.

How-Then, Would You Think – if 9/11 was proven to be a Corporate Conspiracy?

~Young People and Education

“KIds-as-Kids” – critical care and fluent learning in Finish schools: how-it’s-done!

Heart of our Nation – our young people.

~For Anyone’s True Faith in God

Noah & The Ark – fact or fiction? There’s rational and believable truth here.

Case of Your Divine Calling – “man of the dust” or unity with the “man from heaven”?

God’s Grace – personified in you and me.

Look, Secrets! – an invitation into God’s secret place of fellowship, available to all.

Encouragement to Persevere – “sheltered in the Spirit of the fear of the Lord”.

Standing with God, takes courage! – a short encouragement and explanation

Kingdom Born & Body Baptized – do you avail yourself of this Support?

A Key to Your Thinking – wonder!

Your World and Mine – will they meet?

Living Water – it’s your rite with God / the ritual blessing of your faith. Have a drink.

Memories, and Meditations of Heaven – What do you believe?

The Rainbow – God’s reminder to us.

Trust in God – the last, the “least”, and the best!

~Testimonies of Miracles

Cerebral Palsy healed – the process is instructive, and heart-touching.

With this Mark Hemans’ Encounter Ministries, flow of miracle testimonies.

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Showcase Final