Speech Scripts

In the “throes of time” I’m uploading these speech scripts and notes that I’ve made for anyone’s reading pleasure and for anyone’s witness in the Holy Spirit, confirming true faith in God.

God be praised, worshipped and adored for all that He has done, and is doing!

Each of the documents are in pdf format, and represented by each one’s cover picture. The linked text below the picture will take the inquirer to the download site on Media Fire.

Please click on the linked text for your free download.

Right Stance, Right Station is a “Bible download” of what it means to be made righteous by God. This text and writing was used for a Communion Message and is especially suited for personal use. For, how will we grow into the knowledge that we’re sons and daughters of God, except by first believing and knowing that it’s God who’s made us right with Himself?

You’re Not Alone is an ‘uncommon message’ for all people, that the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – have ‘cut covenant’ with each-and-every person who would believe in the eternal gospel. A covenant is an agreement, and this one is between us and God.

cover pic

Grace Notes is basically a Bible word study of the term: grace, but it has a claim at its end that can be used as a declaration of faith – it’s a warring declartation!

Recent Posts

Vaccine’s Roll-Out

Please access this new eBook’s write-up. It gives statistical evidence of what we may expect for our nation’s roll-out of the “Covid-19 Vaccination” that our politicians and health officials are so keen to “cure their pandemic”.

The picture ‘tells the story’ in brief, but the whole content is available through this link of this title: Vaccine-Roll-Out. Please ‘got through the link’ and a MediaFire download window will appear for your choice of either viewing it in your browser or downloading it for your use.

Please feel free to use the eBook for the good of all Australians and others where you think it’s fitting. We have a great need of ‘pushing back’ against the covert war that’s being waged against us, and many are unaware of the battlefield. Hopefully this will help. Thank you.

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