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In the “throes of time” I’m uploading these speech scripts and notes that I’ve made for anyone’s reading pleasure and for anyone’s witness in the Holy Spirit, confirming true faith in God.

God be praised, worshipped and adored for all that He has done, and is doing!

Each of the documents are in pdf format, and represented by each one’s cover picture. The linked text below the picture will take the inquirer to the download site on Media Fire.

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Right Stance, Right Station is a “Bible download” of what it means to be made righteous by God. This text and writing was used for a Communion Message and is especially suited for personal use. For, how will we grow into the knowledge that we’re sons and daughters of God, except by first believing and knowing that it’s God who’s made us right with Himself?

You’re Not Alone is an ‘uncommon message’ for all people, that the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – have ‘cut covenant’ with each-and-every person who would believe in the eternal gospel. A covenant is an agreement, and this one is between us and God.

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Grace Notes is basically a Bible word study of the term: grace, but it has a claim at its end that can be used as a declaration of faith – it’s a warring declartation!

Recent Posts

May 2021, Vax-Update

Video: Doctor Peter McCullough being interviewed by the New American news service.

The video as pictured above, is accessible through this link. Most of the quotes I’ve written here, are referenced with a run-time number – e.g. ~13:40 – indicating the quote’s position in the video, for ease of confirmation.

I’ve studied and taken notes on the video, revealing the following facts about America’s and our global nations’ vaccine roll-outs, and how from a medical point of view, they’re affecting nations’ populations.

The video presents good, concise information. I’ve presented the following quotes in “inverted commas” which are Dr McCullough’s statements, clarified by my comments within the context of the quote, (in brackets).

“I wouldn’t want anybody to think that they’d get the vaccine and be protected from Covid-19”! ~Dr. McCullough.

Video’s Overview:

Dr McCullough has a master’s degree in public health and convenes advisory boards for public health. He’s an award-winning doctor whose own formulation of Covid treatments have successfully helped get people well as outpatients. He’s also advised the United States Senate and other American State governments about ‘the pandemic’.

Asymptomatic Testing (PCR tests done on healthy people) should be banned. We should not be tormenting people (with this)..”.

In the UK, they’re experiencing that “60-70% of Covid (infected) cases are those who’ve been fully vaccinated (but who are now) patients (in hospital)”, ~20:42. Attesting to the state of vaccinated people’s susceptibility to the virus and the massive public health risk that the vaccine rollout is causing. This may also indicate vaccinated people’s transmission-state.

“On March 8th (2021) the CDC announced on their website with very little fanfare that they had reviewed about 1600 deaths (that were claimed to be caused by the vaccination program) with FDA doctors, and they indicated that not a single death was related to the vaccine … (Dr McCullough concludes from that, that) it is impossible for (government appointed), regulatory doctors (such as with these of the CDC and FDA) (who are) without any experience with Covid-19 to opine (state the opinion) that none of the deaths were related to the vaccines. So, I think that this was effectively a scrubbing… (of the death numbers)”.

America’s “National Institute of Health is a co-owner of the Moderna patent (for the vaccine)”!

When asked about the origin of the virus, Dr McCullough replied “This appears to be a manufactured virus, …bio-terrorism that went wrong…”.

“In the United States at the moment we have 77 million people fully vaccinated and 2602 deaths” ~13:40.

Whereas the vaccine is normally withdrawn after 50 deaths are witnessed to have been caused by the rollout, as is reported by the video through normal, government agencies’ assessments of the effect of the vaccine, but not this time!

I estimated in December 2020 that we could have saved half of the lives lost (that had been lost at that time) … and current estimates say that up to 85% of the lives lost, could have been saved with what’s called sequenced, oral, multi drug therapy“, ~7:35.

Personal Safeguards

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has compiled and provided a Home Treatment Guide against the disease, ~4:23, that’s called Home Based Covid Treatment. The document is written from a Doctor’s professional view point, but has very useful and easily understood information, which information is also for your doctor!

Early treatment is a must! if you’re showing symptoms. And there’s a very handy guide to acknowledging symptoms in the last pages of the 26 page document. The document also gives good advice about whether-or-not to take a Covid test.

The written advice and document’s resource for professional doctors’ advice about treatments is available through this link, which website’s home page looks like this:

For any employer and/or employee who’s pressured by “mandatory vaccination”…

whereas there’s no such thing by law! simply because any medical experimentation, which this vaccine’s roll-out is proven to be, must have the candidate’s free and informed consent

…there’s this site called OpenVAERS, which is a condensed form of America’s Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System and shows as plain-as-day the sorts of consequences there are health-wise, for those who receive ‘the jab’.

Australia’s experience of adverse vaccination events will be parallel with America’s since the vaccines being used are similar and in-the-main, the same mRNA based vaccines.

Such a risk for the employer as revealed by the OpenVAERS site’s records of adverse reactions to the vaccine of damaging their employees and therefore their whole business, may change their minds about ‘mandating the procedure’!

In conclusion, there’s supportive information about the use of a homemade form of quinine that’s equivalent to the use of hydroxychloroquine in this webpage that’s supported – with cautions – by these scientist’s claim that quinine is an effective treatment for lupus and malaria.

The Guide to Home Based Covid Treatment states that hydroxychloroquine transports zinc into the body’s cells, thus combating the viral infection. Therefore, in complement to the other sequence of treatments, the use of quinine may be a key component, used with zinc.

In addition, and complementary to the use of quinine, a substance called suramin is claimed by Dr. Judy Mikovits who’s a virologist and immunologist, to be the antidote for viral transmission from ‘the vaxxed’. Suramin is available naturally in the form of pine needle tea, but the species used for the tea is important. Two videos that I’ve found helpful are here.

The accompanying, organic chemical in pine needle tea is shikimic acid which prevents blood clotting, which is the, sometimes fatal adverse reaction to ‘the jab’, better named ‘blood serum, experimental injection’. Suramin is also claimed to cure Autism, but pine needle tea may be damaging to pregnant women.

This website explains how to make the tea and how to make extractions of suramin. It can be made through a simple tea with pine needles, or by an ultrasonic bath for larger quantities, or through an espresso, coffee machine, which is a Tasmanian discovery. Suramin may also be extracted from star anise or fennel seeds.

Therefore, combining (A) quinine with (B) zinc and an extraction of (1) suramin with (2) shikimic acid – the two are with the pine needles and star anise, maybe also the fennel seeds – along with your nutritional supplement, immune boosters, is surely the safeguard that’s needed.

Dr. McCullough has a reassuring view of how ‘the pandemic’ will pan-out, that it will eventually become no more than our current watch and witness of any other flu season, but it’s clear that the time it takes to diminish will depend on effective treatment of those who are infected with the disease, thus preventing its spread.

It’s also clear that both doctors and patients will have to ‘live up to their own treatment’ in-the-main, due to the medical fraternity being in fear of reprisals from their overseeing and over-lording, governing institutions. In any case, such information as this is essential, and it looks like there’ll be updated information included regularly in the Home Treatment Guide’s download.

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