Study Notes

This page makes available the study notes I’ve compiled on various topics – with some picture embellishment! – for anyone’s reading pleasure.

Please click on the linked title of each-or-any of the booklets shown below, and you will be redirected to a MediaFire page where you can download the pdf file.

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Graduation Year is ‘my take’ on the key elements of this prophecy. It’s proven to be a divine guide for me, confirming my faith and God’s leading. I expect it will be a similar divine guide for any reader who’s got sincere faith in Christ and in Holy Spirit’s leading.

Divine Strategy: For any keen study-er of God’s Word, this will be a source of inspiration, comfort and rapturous faith for the coming year and beyond.

Psalm 91, Stepping Up ~a comparative and confessional study of Psalm 91~ is a foundational study for the prophetic claims that are made and studied in Divine Strategy.

Political Correction contains these very brief definitions of the words: bigot, sedition, treason and vilify. It’s also a guide into our nations’ futures by another very brief plea.

Don’t Fight Fair is a two-page template for laminating bookmarks. It contains on one side, the “I am”s of a Believer’s faith in our Vicar, and on the other, a brief summary of a godly worldview/God-view.

Wisdom’s Confession is a simple, two-page faith-speech that I’ve found very helpful to keep my faith buoyant and resilient, based mainly upon Proverbs chapter 8.