Study Notes

This page makes available the study notes I’ve compiled on various topics – with some picture embellishment! – for anyone’s reading pleasure.

Please click on the linked title of each-or-any of the booklets shown below, and you will be redirected to a MediaFire page where you can download the pdf file.

Guilt or No Guilt is a ‘study from the beginnings’, that is: it’s a study using Genesis 2 & 3 and other relevant scriptures in order to show how to shrug off guilt, shame and condemnation

2020 – 2024 Prophecy is the transcript of a video-prophecy spoken by Pastor Kent Christmas. It was published on 2nd January 2020 and a link to the video is included in the document. There’s many very helpful statements and predictions recorded here that are entirely worth following! It’s a prophecy that applies to the four-year period – some of it is ‘pretty radical’ in its predictions, like political and social changes.

Components or Complements? is the result of a Communion Message I delivered, and broaches the question: Do we in the Body of Christ see ourselves as components of one another or as complements to each other? especially by evaluating this verse in 1 Corinthians 11: “So let each individual first evaluate his own attitude and only then eat the bread and drink the cup. For continually eating and drinking with a wrong spirit will bring judgment upon yourself by not recognizing the body”. It’s an important question, but the common ‘strictures’ that are often ‘levelled upon God’s people’ due to an interpretation of this scripture are ‘put in their place’; i.e. there’s freedom in celebrating our Lord’s supper.

Psalm 91, Stepping Up is a comparative and confessional study of Psalm 91.

Political Correction contains these very brief definitions of the words: bigot, sedition, treason and vilify. It’s also a guide into our nations’ futures by another very brief plea.

Don’t Fight Fair is a two-page template for laminating bookmarks. It contains on one side, the “I am”s of a Believer’s faith in our Vicar, and on the other, a brief summary of a godly worldview/God-view.

Wisdom’s Confession is a simple, two-page faith-speech that I’ve found very helpful to keep my faith buoyant and resilient, based mainly upon Proverbs chapter 8.