headerI’ve found nothing like it! And the extra power and reduced cost is a must.

Please use this as a reference page:

Whether you’re a Harvesting Contractor

Harvester ServiceWorking HarvesterOr a Trawler Owner and Operator:

800px-Trawler_Or whatever machinery you own:

fordThere’s proof-positive here:

TAFE Test Title PgThe mechanical engineering department of Townsville T.A.F.E. has done

this complete technical test to verify and prove the power and economy gains

through the use of these additives. Anyone interested can

download this technical study here.

*Here is also a testimony of a Cane Harvesting Contractor,


**The testimony of a Haulage Contractor.

These testimonies are very short and show proof of the savings and benefits.

As an authorized Distributor of Pro-Ma products, and having used these products since 1992, I offer this SALES SITE for these and a wide variety of other Pro-Ma products.

ProfileIf anyone would like to view a quick video presentation of the Engine Oil Additive”s effectiveness – called MBL8 (Metal Based Lubricant with 8 Benefits) – then please access the link after this picture:

PP-MBLMBL8 Video Link

It is the combination of use, with the Oil Treatment (MBL8) and Fuel Treatment (PT5 for petrol engines or DT5 for diesel engines) that WILL GIVE any user the power and economy benefits – approx. 10% increase in each.

How would you like to save 10% on your fuel bills, and yet:

get an increase of 10% in power?

You will, if you use these products at your next oil change, and when you fill your tank.

….just 1ml of product per liter of fuel at your fill-ups.

…and “dose” your new oil as recommended on the MBL8 bottle or use this Pre-Mix.

MBL8 500mlRemember! You do-it-yourself-ers.Treat your engine oil at your next oil change:

MBL 8 V4

And treat your fuel @ 1ml / ltr.


50042These basic fuel and oil treatments come in various sizes:

For example: the 5 liter DT5, diesel fuel treatment.

5ltr DT5…so, be sure to order up what you need through my sales pages.

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