Virus Infection Testing: Only By Consent

Concerning our right of not consenting to a Covid19 test:

Police officers and Army personnel are currently knocking on people’s doors in the lockdown-postcode-areas of Victoria, pressuring people and demanding that they are tested for Covid19.

The question is: Do they have the right to do this? especially in the light that the tests for Covid19 are reported to be giving false positives and that there are mandatory or statutory quarantine requirements attached to a positive test result.

That is, these police and army officers believe that if you test positive, they may have the right to quarantine you in a quarantine facility.

Therefore, please acknowledge these grounds for your right of non-consent against testing.

First of all, any person who’s not invited to enter your property is trespassing and you can refer any intruder lawfully to your No Trespassing sign that you’ve posted, preferably at the boundary of your property and outside the entrance to your house.


The following question has been asked of the staff in Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services:

According to the laws of Freedom of Information, can you provide one document that provides scientific, factual evidence of the testing procedure being used in Australia whether it 100%, positively identifies Covid19/SARS-CoV-2 or not any other type of coronavirus in a living human, beyond a reasonable doubt?

The department’s authorised staff searched their records and came back with this answer:

No relevant documents have been located. There is no test available that 100% positively identifies Covid19 in a living human beyond reasonable doubt as all diagnostic tests have a margin of error.

Therefore, the department’s reply can just as well be stated as follows:

There is no documented evidence that any Covid19 testing method is 100% accurate, and therefore the testing methods cannot guarantee that they will not give a false positive, or for that matter: a false negative result.

That response of the Department to the question about the veracity of Covid19 tests can be quoted to any trespassing police or army officer, whilst all-the-while you have insisted that you are not giving, and will not be giving your consent for having the test performed on you.

What’s “good for the goose, is good for the gander”, so our Federal Department of Health must come up with the same answer as Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services.

It’s the false positive result to a test that would otherwise land you in a quarantine facility, let alone the prospect of being administered a vaccination that’s not proven safe. So, if such police and/or army officers try to insist that you have the test, say:

Can you provide a copy of your Medical Certificate that authorises you to conduct medical procedures?

Testing for a viral infection is a medical procedure!

The great majority – “99.99%” – of officers who’d be commissioned to come knocking at your door with test kits, will not be able to produce the copy of their Medical Certificate because they don’t have one. This also applies to testing stations.

Police and army officers are not certified by a Medical Certificate to perform medical procedures.

Still, since you’ve refused to give your consent for the test at this point, on the very rare occasion, these officers may still pressure you to be tested if they’ve been able to produce their copy of the Medical Certificate, or if you’re demanded a test at a testing station.

In these cases, question the testing attendant:

Does that (Medical Certificate you’ve got) provide you with an exemption against Article 7 of the Covenant on Human and Civil and Political Rights against medical experimentation?

Quote: Article 7 “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation”.

That Covenant is an international law and prevents medical experimentation being done on non-consenting people, as is this case where there’s no guarantee that any Covid19 test will not give a false positive, therefore if performed on you, it would be an experiment and prohibited by this law.

So: Memory Wise:

~No Trespassing!

~No Documents

~No Medical Certificate

~No Experimentation

Granted! There are proposed penalties for refusing a test – up to $10,000.

This ABC News report gives the most balanced appraisal of the risks you’d be running by refusing a test, even though 10,000 people in Victoria have refused the test and been passed over by the law.

I believe we’re covered by such laws as are quoted above, but such trespassing officers and attendants have been trained to do their job, so you’d have to be very assertive, and may also have to know your rights on whether you give them information to track you, which they can probably do anyway, knowing the non-consent technology they’ve got.

Risk of a Fine: Assessment

Yes, the various States’ laws are enacted to provide legal grounds for ‘forcing a vaccination or test’, such as the $10,000 dollar fine, but even the ABC News article, referring to the case of a fine for non-compliance, states by a Government-appointed and commissioned doctor:

“I think the Government is reluctant to have to do this because you’ve got to get hearts and minds onside if you’ve got a pandemic,” he said. “The Government has got to take the community with them. We don’t want to do it if it’s not necessary”.

Well: “if it’s not necessary”, “has feathers on it”!

The question of a Government’s right to fine people for refusing a virus-infection-test would have to be based upon our rights as written in our Constitution, which I claim, would support anyone’s refusal to be tested.

First, the Australian Immunisation Handbook, under Vaccination Procedures and Preparing for a Vaccination, with the section on Valid Consent and Criteria for Valid Consent, states four criteria that must be present for a person to give their consent for a proposed procedure. Any candidate for vaccination can insist upon these.

With the Australian Immunisation Handbook’s most recently updated text at the time of this post, it states that “For consent to be legally valid … 2. It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation”.

Both vaccinations and virus-infection-testing are medical procedures that are practised in order to generally, protect the public from diseases.

Therefore a vaccination and the right we’re given to not give our consent for vaccination as expressed in the Handbook is equal to our right to not give our consent for a virus-infection-test because the logic of law proposes that these are both measures to protect the public, where testing proceeds vaccination.

The imposition of a fine for refusing a virus-infection-test must surely, therefore, constitute “undue pressure, coercion and manipulation” as the Handbook states, as this valid reason for not giving consent.

Like: “You’re going to fine me for not giving my consent for a medical procedure, whereas the nature of a fine is coercion and pressure to do the thing that’s penalised by the fine”.

The underlying reason for these laws is assumed to be the protection of the population against disease. But when there are alternative treatments that have proven effective against a known pathogen (disease-causing organism), then that argument for imposing compliance for a medical procedure must not apply, because the imposed method is not exclusive of others and therefore doesn’t warrant imposition.

Therefore, this being a Federal Handbook, any State legislation that requires forced or fine-imposed, and non-consent testing or vaccination is overridden by our Australian Constitution because the Australian Immunisation Handbook is Commonwealth Law and our Constitution states:

109. Inconsistency of laws
When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

Well, the extent of the inconsistency is that fines are coercion but coercion is outlawed by the Immunisation Handbook. Therefore non-consent is lawful by our Constitution’s and Commonwealth Government’s laws.

When all is said and done, I’d rather trust in God than in law, any day!

So much destruction has been perpetrated lately! But God…





What if..?

What if whatever you’ve ever dreamed of doing, and whomever you’ve ever dreamed of becoming, has already happened?

What if, whatever you ever believed in, determines whom you will become and whether-or-not your dreams and plans will ever come true?

Then, what if there’s a plan for your life that’s already been made and matched to your every good, and your every bad decision, covering all your mistaken beliefs?

So, what if that plan and belief-covering-grace depends not on you but on another’s gift to you, that this other’s gift is already given, just for you to receive?

And, what if everything works this way?

That all we need to do is to receive the life-force of God’s Spirit through the gospel of His Son and the positional honour He gives us in His Son, in order to enable us to work an eternal plan that’s been engineered just for each of us?

You know? I think our focus has been all wrong! Take for example the Christian teaching on eschatology, which would mean: teachings about last things.

Eschatology is a theological word, not a Bible word. It’s a word that theologians have used to describe a teaching, not the teaching itself.

Eschaton is the root, or origin of the word and means: the final event in the divine plan; the end of the world. So, it’s the study – eschatology – of what’s to come.

So, anyone’s study of things to come would focus their faith and hope on those things coming true.

But, what if the things you’ve desired to come true have already been planned, and while you’ve been focusing on things to come you’ve overlooked that plan?

Even worse, what if that plan is the only plan that can make your hopes for the future come true but you’ve been looking for things to come, instead of the plan?

So, we come back to the original hope that I expressed:

What if there’s a plan for your life that’s already been made and matched to your every good, and your every bad decision, covering all your mistaken beliefs, and that plan alone can make your most pure-hearted hopes come true?

What if that plan and belief-covering-grace depends not on you but on another’s gift to you, that this other’s gift is already given, just for you to receive?

And, what if everything works this way? “God said it. I believe it. That settles it”.

No: “That does it”.

Let me suggest that the Plan I’ve been provoking you to believe in, is God’s plan from all eternity about the way that God himself has designed to give you His own righteousness.

That linked text is for this Speech Script document, pictured here by its cover:

It’s a summary of how God the Father has given Christian believers the same right in His kingdom (righteousness) as Christ now has, as the first man to enter heaven, bringing heaven on earth.

How would you feel about that if all-the-while, you’d been putting your hope in some other thing that’s proposed to come true in the future but hasn’t come true yet, when all-the-while those who have focused on this gift of righteousness’ plan, have it and have learned to work it?

What if ‘the beast’ of eschatology is not some sort of spiritual monster, nor some sort of evil religious organisation that’s to come, but it’s the combination of mankind’s entire corruptions that work evil plans?

What if the antichrist is not a person nor a global leader of any sort, but it’s a spirit?

And what if the millennium is only typical of eternity and of the character and nature of eternal life, rather than a literal period of one thousand years?

Finally, what if that which is taught by eschatology as being an end-of-the-world, seven-year period of extreme trouble and judgement, really only typifies the troubles we continually go through day-by-day and that peoples the-world-over have had to contend with since sin came into the world?

My very brief and probably inadequate summary of these things is here in another study, called: Today’s Reformation.

What if…?

It would mean that the focus of our faith has been wrong all along, causing us to wait for an outcome that’s expected to be in the future when all along, it’s been happening all around us!

This current crisis of a global pandemic has opened my own eyes to how Christians are responding with claims of end-times-events coming true! Please wake up. It doesn’t need to be the beginning of a one-world government, a one-world money system, a one-world religion, nor the beginning of great trouble, judgment and persecution.

If we’re focused on what we expect to come true, it surely will! But if we’re focused on our right-in-Christ to claim the goodness of His will on earth as it is in heaven, we’ll triumph and see goodness come true. I’ve gone into a 14-page description of our current world’s-view in order to explain this honour we have from God.

If you’re concerned about this scenario, and especially if you’re finding that you have a lack of answered prayer at the moment, maybe you’d like to avail yourself of this explanation of an eBook: Forewarned is Forearmed.

So, what if this scenario is true of us as Christians?

It would mean that, due to such future-focused blindness, we’d neglected to acknowledge the true and eternal plan of God for our lives, lost all our dreams’ comings true, and forsaken the authority to do what’s right.

All because we’d forgotten that God’s gift of salvation to us, is a gift and that it’s the gift of His right stance :in: Himself that He’s given us: gratis! – His grace-gift that can’t be earned by looking ahead or by any other means but by believing in Him – believing in Him in this now-time, in this eternal “one thousand years to Me is as one day, and one day is as a thousand years”, timeless faith He’s given us, so that we can work His miracles.

Our Corona’s Appearing

Right now, it’s all pretty challenging:

From distant reports of a virus in Wuhan to no sports events. To schools closing. Restaurants closing. Thousands of flights being cancelled. Nations closing their borders. Public gatherings prohibited. Weddings postponed. Massive crashes in the stock markets. Hundreds of millions of people wondering how they are going to be able to pay their bills. On and on and it goes. And, to repeat, it happened virtually overnight ~website of the article‘s quote

What we each make of such things is really up to our faith, that is: in what we trust.

Here’s some good news that will help to foster and establish eternal trust.

Corona’s original meaning in Latin is a crown or wreath:

A crown is given as an inheritance by royal right, and a wreath is given as the reward for winning a contest such as standing strong in a fight or winning at sporting competitions.

The apostle Paul spoke of his Christian confidence, surely his corona: in this way:

“There is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved His appearing” ~2 Timothy 4:8, ESV.

Hm: “and not only to me but also to all who have loved His appearing”.

“…we know that when Christ appears we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him as He is”, 1 John 3:2, ESV.

Q: How do we know that? How do we know that we believers in Christ will be like Him when He appears?
A: Because of the way we’ve been justified by God, and made righteous in Christ.

The gift of God’s own right standing with Himself has been given to us by God, and through the gospel, we grow in being right with God just like Christ grew in right standing with God, ~cf. Hebrews 5:8-9.

Therefore, we know the transforming power of the gospel that’s progressively making us like Jesus, ~cf. Hebrews 2:10-18 & Romans 8:29.

So, in progressively becoming like Jesus, we know that when we see Him in His fullness, we will be fully like Him because we’ll then see the transforming One just as He’s already been transforming us in the meantime!

“That’s fine for then”, you might say, “but what about now?” Well, …now the righteousness of God has been manifested…

God’s own right standing with us, has been shown to us! God has shown Himself to be right by the way He’s dealt with us.

“But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it— the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.

“For there is no distinction: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith.

“This was to show God’s righteousness because in his divine forbearance he had passed over former sins. It was to show his righteousness at the present time so that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus”, ~Romans 3:21-26, ESV.

Notice that “the peace that’s been made by God, with God on our behalf (propitiation by His blood) is to be received by faith in who God has now shown Himself to be, for He’s shown Himself to be “just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus”.

Therefore, the reason why God made peace with us in this way, is in order to show us His righteousness – how right He is for dealing with us in this way, having His Son redeem us: paying the penalty for our sin, abolishing sin once and for all, and being raised from death for our acquittal from the guilt and penalty of sin. Acquittal equals: not guilty!

Now, when God says: Not guilty! Then who can argue with Him?

God’s Son took the sentencing for the guilty crime of our sin, of our sinnings and of our sinfulness which sentence is death. For God has decreed that “the soul that sins shall die” ~Ezekiel 18:20, and we’ve all sinned, but Christ destroyed death’s power over us by dying as an innocent, non-guilty, sinless man, for “the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law” ~1 Corinthians 15:56, ESV.

So, since Christ had lived out God’s law perfectly and had never sinned, then death had no power over Him. Therefore He’s earned the right to give us His right standing with God ~cf. Isaiah 53:11. It’s as though we have become the sinless ones who’ve died with Him on His cross and been raised with Him from the dead!

Christ’s substitution for us by God is that complete! But all that was not just to save us from sin, but most importantly, it was to show God’s righteousness – how right He is for dealing with us in this way.

And how right He is! By first justifying us, God Himself has corrected our wrongdoings and wrong state of sin, also our denials of His goodness. He did this by giving us His Son who willingly took the punishment that was due to us for our rebellion, and who took the entire blame-of-guilt for our sinful failings and rebellion.

But not only did Christ take our sin into His body on the cross and destroy it, but because He lived free from sin, that is, because He lived a perfectly righteous life and died an innocent man’s death, then God is now able to give us His own right standing with Himself, which is the life-source and life-energy of Christ.

Through simply believing in what God has done for us in-&-through His Son, God claims us also as being as right with Him as His own Son is. This is all because Jesus lived free from sin and died as an innocent man so that we could be free as well.

Hereby we are given the crown of God’s righteousness, simply by believing in what God has done for us in-&-through His Son, and through loving His appearing. For Holy Spirit has gathered these very words as our Father’s decree:

Since it was because of one man’s trespass (Adam’s sin) that death reigned through that one man, (then) much more it will be true that those who receive the abundance of God’s grace (through the love He’s shown us by the cross) and the free gift of (His) righteousness (that they will) reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ ~Romans 5:17.

We have received the abundance of God’s grace through our knowledge and practice of the gospel and the free gift of His righteousness through this same gospel, therefore we have a crown of righteousness laid up for us as we go on loving His appearing.

So, we can say boldly, along with Paul the apostle: “…there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved His appearing”.

For we too, love Christ’s appearing, not only because we know He’s clothed us with His own righteousness, but because we know that He’s all-the-while, making us like His glorious self – fit to rule in right wisdom and right standing with our royal Dad.

Let our Corona appear!

…like the awesome, sparkling glow of the sun’s corona. This is a picture taken with filters but it can also be seen in a full eclipse of the sun when the moon is hiding the sun’s full strength but the corona surrounds the moon.

…like the foreboding sight of power lines glowing, sparkling and buzzing as their periphery shows a high voltage charge as a corona:

…or like on a clear, moist, moonlit night as the moon’s light develops an extra glow at this ‘edge of its influence’ as a corona:

These are all the appearance and look of a corona, and carry the name: corona. One wonders if the coronavirus has the claim of having a similar peripheral influence on our body’s cells, but it wouldn’t come to make us into royalty, nor into winners but is an enemy and must be treated as an enemy.

So, whether you’re sparkling as one who’s been “hidden behind a lesser light” because you’ve deferred to the prominence of that lessor one, or whether you’ve just “shone on your own”, also: whether you’ve been “hand-in-hand with those who hold power” as conducting that same power and influence, still: you will need your “moist, moonlit night”:

For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light, ~Jesus’ words in Mark 4:22, ESV.

Therefore we can carry that same confidence, that nothing is hidden except that it is purposed to be made manifest, and that all secrets will come to the light eventually. Such confidence is our own corona, for it has been won for us by Another’s life freely given.

Commissioned as Priests

The apostle Paul says in Ephesians 3:14-15: So I kneel humbly in awe before the Father of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah, the perfect Father of every father and child, in heaven and on the earth ~TPT.

Whereas the ESV puts it this way: For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named.

So, the question must be asked: For what reason?

For reason of the apostle Paul’s ownership claim of the gospel of grace that’s been given to us in Christ, for Paul writes in verse 6:

Here’s the secret: The gospel of grace has made you, non-Jewish believers, into coheirs of his promise through your union with him. And you have now become members of his body – one with the Anointed One! ~Ephesians 3:6, TPT.

But then, the result and outcome of the personal effect of the gospel of grace – its modus operandi in our lives and the way it works in us – is described in verses 11-12.

This perfectly wise plan was destined from eternal ages and fulfilled completely in our Lord Jesus Christ, so that now we have boldness through him, and free access as kings before the Father because of our complete confidence in Christ’s faithfulness ~Ephesians 3:11-12, TPT.

There are parallel outcomes to these claims of the apostle Paul’s, stated-as-written in Ephesians 3:6-12, but they’re also recorded in parallel as a priest’s commissioning in Zechariah 3:7.

In Zechariah chapter 3 the prophet Zechariah records the vision that the Lord gave him of the commissioning of Joshua the high priest. The vision along with the prophet’s prophetic words describes the Angel of the Lord’s instruction and His promises to Joshua for the effectiveness of his high priesthood, for these are parallel instructions and promissory outcomes with the apostle Paul’s in Ephesians 3:6 & 10.

Here’s the secret (says Paul): The gospel of grace has made you, non-Jewish believers, into coheirs of his promise through your union with him. And you have now become members of his body – one with the Anointed One! ~v6, TPT.

Therefore we’ve become in Christ: the royal priesthood of this great and merciful High Priest, just like Joshua’s commissioning! ~cf. Hebrews 4:14-5:10. Us-with-Jesus, the Son of Righteousness who’s passed through the heavens and now is glorified on our behalf, interceding for us, advocating for us in the court of heaven, and transferring His divine counsel and judgments to us for our use and for our overcoming and triumph in all of life!

The purpose of this was to unveil before every throne and rank of angelic orders in the heavenly realm God’s full and diverse wisdom revealed through the church ~v10, TPT.

Since we have it, then let’s use it!

So, it all comes together in vv11-12:

This perfectly wise plan was destined from eternal ages and fulfilled completely in our Lord Jesus Christ, so that now we have boldness through him, and free access as kings before the Father because of our complete confidence in Christ’s faithfulness ~vv11-12, TPT.

Our cheif Shepherd leads us beside still waters

and restores our souls ~cf. Psalm 23.

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? ~Romans 8:31-32, ESV.

So we take our priestly place in the auspice of God, as a flock of birds, wheeling and swooping in unison as if choreographed of course: by our Author’s providence!

Let’s go!

Zechariah 3:7 Our priestly place in our King’s court and counsel:

“Thus says the Lord of hosts:

If you will walk in my ways and keep my charge,

then you shall rule my house and

have charge of my courts, and

I will give you the right of access among those who are standing here”, ~ESV.

“…those who are standing here” included the Angel of the Lord: Christ himself, Zechariah the prophet and a number of servants whether people or heavenly spirits, also Satan.

So, our Lord promises to give Joshua the high priest and us as His new covenant’s priesthood: the right of access!

He promises to graciously give us the right of access to divine wisdom, enabling us to walk in God’s ways and keep His charge of – whatever the charge you know, is given to you by God!

Your charge in life could be fatherhood, motherhood, family nurture, vocational authority in your workplace, alliances with your peers, friends and acquaintances, and/or the loving charge of an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher of His people etc.

He’s graciously promised us the right of access to the Divine Counsel that righteously rules His house, whether ‘His house’ is your family, your whole workplace, your group of peers and friends, or a small church group or a large one, He’s given you the right of access to the Divine Counsel that you need for them and for yourself.

He’s graciously promised us the right of access to our Judge’s judgments that rebuke and overthrow Satan’s lies and strongholds in each, every and all those realms.

And our Lord’s promise to Joshua that He will give us the right of access to all these things, is promised ”among those who are standing here”, meaning all these roles, response-abilities and authorities are being performed in the presence of our Overcomer: the King of the ages, in the presence of His servants, in the presence of His honouring and honourable prophets, and in the presence of the angelic host who long to look into this perfect salvation we’ve got.

I write this with this hope that this writing and holy ownership claim will restore any reader’s focus in God’s heavenly kingdom, that we are commissioned by Him as priests, causing praise and worship in heaven’s court of the Most High God who is our King-Priest and judge, the Commander-in-Chief of angel armies, our Redeemer and all judgments’ Deliverer!

The commissioning of Christ’s priesthood is quite simple:

If you will walk in My ways and keep My charge,

then you shall rule My house and

have charge of My courts, and

I will give you the right of access.

That is, it consists of just two things: If you will walk in My ways and keep My charge.

Surrender is surely the key to knowing God’s ways and doing things His way.

There’s a preaching & teaching video by Art Katz called: Eternal Rule and Rewards

which is really enlightening on walking in God’s ways and keeping His charge.

Therefore, I think we could all do with these encouraging and instructive words of the apostle Paul’s, which will surely bring comfort:

~2 Timothy 1:7-14, TPT.

“For God will never give you the spirit of fear, but the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, love, and self-control/spirit-strength.

“So never be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor be embarrassed over my imprisonment, but overcome every evil by the revelation of the power of God!

“He gave us resurrection life and drew us to himself by his holy calling on our lives. And it wasn’t because of any good we have done, but by his divine pleasure and marvellous grace that confirmed our union with the anointed Jesus, even before time began!

“This truth is now being unveiled by the revelation of the anointed Jesus, our life-giver, who has dismantled death, obliterating all its effects on our lives, and has manifested his immortal life in us by the gospel.

“And he has anointed me as his preacher, his apostle, and his teacher of truth to the nations. The confidence of my calling enables me to overcome every difficulty without shame, for I have an intimate revelation of this God.

“And my faith in him convinces me that he is more than able to keep all that I’ve placed in his hands safe and secure until the fullness of his appearing.

“Allow the healing words you’ve heard from me to live in you and make them a model for life as your faith and love for the Anointed One grows even more. Guard well this incomparable treasure by the Spirit of Holiness living within you”.

Since Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Holiness – is given to us as on that day of Pentecost when He was given to the 120 disciples of Christ who had waited worshipfully in that upper room, and He has been given to us in our baptism of fire, also since He is given on the irrevokable grounds of Christ sacrifice, then I reckon we can keep the apostle Paul’s charge: Guard well this incomparable treasure by the Spirit of Holiness.

A ‘rough but ready’ priesthood we are, and a royal priesthood we shall be!

Kingdom Culture & the prophetic Voice

For any visitor here and for any of those who are following my posts on this web site, please acknowledge these three new pages I’ve now posted.

The-three are one whole conception’s claim!

Each of these new pages goes with the other, for they’re claiming to be a guide into changing church culture into Kingdom Culture and for the use of the prophetic Voice.

The purpose of these three claims is for the unity of the churches’ equipping meetings, and for the making of true disciples of Christ.

1. Kingdom Culture
2. Prophetic Voice

3. Spiritual Dominion

Please access the whole pages’ posts either through the header bar on this page or through the linked and colored titles above.

Thank you for your consideration of these messages.

Here’s What!

What’s love got to do with it! What’s love but a second-hand emotion? ~sings Tina Turner.

“What’s love got to do with it?”. Here’s what.

What sort of love do you expect?

I know One who said: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you” ~John 15:12, NIV. But do we really love, when love is something that’s commanded? Let’s see:

I delved into this whole passage of John 15:12-17, and came up with this. It may seem very stilted – “stop and go” – to read, but it brings out the answer to the question I’ve posed above. Be blessed, aye.

“This is My commandment, that you all would be loving one another – to welcome, have hospitality and be fondly affectionate and dearly loving towards one another – just as I have at one time in the past loved you.

“Greater love has no man than this, that a man would have laid down down his life for his friends. You are My friends, if you would be doing what I am commanding you.

“I am calling you no longer slaves or servants, because the slave or servant does not know, as I do, what each one is doing.

“But, I have always called and continue to call each one of you: friends, because all the things of yours that I have at one time heard from My own Father, I have at that time made known for you all.

“You all, did not make your choice at one time in the past of Me, but I have made My firm and final choice of each of you, setting you forth so that you all would go, and may be bearing fruit: the type of fruit that would live, endure, survive and remain in waiting,

“so that

“the thing that each of you may have asked the Father, and of the Father in My name, He may have given for each of you.

“These things I am commanding for you, so that you all may be loving each other”.

There’s not a verb in there, that’s in the imperative mood! “You must love”, “You must be loving”; but all are in either the indicative: “I’m showing you something by what I’ve done or am doing”; or in the subjunctive mood: “doing this is your possibility”.

Therefore, Jesus is showing us the outcome of His love for us:

That: “you all would be loving, just as I have loved you”.

That: “I have called you and am continually calling you friends, because I want to convey to you, what I’ve heard from My Father”.

That: “I chose you because I knew that you would go and bring forth enduring fruit”.

That: “The character of your desires (the fruit you’ve borne) and the resultant prayers you’ve prayed according to those desires and longings (in My name) assures you that your prayers (asking of the Father) have been effective, knowing that you are increasing in godliness, asking what God desires and seeing its manifestation”.

Your fruit, borne of loving yourself and loving God.

A grape vine doesn’t have to try to love. It just loves being a vine and so it bears fruit.

If we love ourselves the way God loves us and has made us, then the rest is “a given”!

Through our belief in what Jesus has done for us, Holy Spirit has put the love of Christ in our hearts ~Romans 5:5.

Therefore, how could we not love one another, even as He has loved us? And as the result, how could we not find ourselves welcoming, being hospitable, and being fondly affectionate and dearly loving towards each other, just as Christ has loved us?

For Jesus is the Lamb of God who was slain from before the foundation of the world ~Revelation 13:8, NIV & note 2, and His sacrificial welcome, His courting hospitality, and His dearly affectionate love has been here from all time for us.

Even though we have just realised it lately, we are caught up with Him and with His people in the type of love He has for us. Hallelujah!

Genuine love is empowering. My God! Is it empowering! It’s revitalizing, energising. It provides an endurance that’s sometimes taken for granted. Let’s not take ourselves nor God’s love in Christ for granted.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love others as much and in the same way as you love yourself ~Bible, in the gospels. For our Saviour said that doing this, fulfills all the law and the prophets. He’s made it so easy.

For anyone who’s interested in these findings of my interpretations of this passage, the parsing of the Greek text’s verbs and some grammar indications, follow:


v: = verb

verbs’ tenses: pres. = present, perf. = perfect, aor. = aorist

verbs’ moods: ind. = indicative, subj. = subjunctive

verbs’ voices: act. = active, mid. = middle

verbs’ person: 1p = first person, 2p = second person, 3p = third person, p = plural, s = singular

nouns’ and pronouns’ cases: dat. = dative, acc. = accusative

Translation with parsings indicated:

v12 This is My commandment, that you all would be loving (v: pres., subj., active, 2pp) one another – to welcome, have hospitality and be fondly affectionate and dearly loving towards one another (Gk: meaning of agape) – just as I have at one time in the past loved you (v: ‘I have loved’, aor. indic. act. 1ps).

v13 Greater love has no man than this, that a man would have laid down (v: aor. subj. act. 3ps) his life for his friends. v14 You are My friends, if you would be doing (v: pres. subj. act. 2pp) what I am commanding you (v: pres. indic. middle, 1ps).

v15 I am calling you (verb: pres. indic. act. 1ps) no longer slaves or servants, because the slave or servant does not know (v: perfect, indic. act. 3ps) as I do (perfect tense) what each one is doing (v: pres. indic. act. 3ps).

But, I have always called and continue to call each of you (v: perfect, indic. act. 1ps) friends, because all the things of yours (‘friends’ and ‘all things’ are both in the accusative case) that I have at one time heard (v: aor. ind. act. 1ps) from My own Father, I have at that time made known (v: aor. indic. act. 1ps) for you all (dative plural pronoun).

v16 You all, did not make your choice at one time in the past (v: aro. indic. middle, 2pp) of Me, but I have made My firm and final choice (v: aor. indic. mid. 1ps) of each of you (acc. pl), setting you forth (v: aor. indic. mid. 1ps) so that you all would go (v: pres. subj. act. 2pp) and may be bearing (v: pres. subj. act. 2pp) fruit: the type of fruit that would live, endure, survive and remain in waiting (v: pres. subj. act. 3ps)

so that (conjunction)

the thing that each of you may have asked (aor. subj. act. 2pp) the Father (article), and of the Father (acc. mas. sing.) in My name, He may have given (aor. subj. act. 3ps) for each of you (dative plural).

These things I am commanding (v: pres. indic. mid., 1ps) for you (dative) so that you all may be loving (v: pres. subj. act. 2pp) each other.

Unless the Lord Builds the House

This natural and spiritual comprehension has arisen in my heart, concering God’s people.

For the redemption ground of our faith, has been overtaken by this unholy and worldly control of a false childlikeness, where people are happy to be conditioned into a lifestyle of following orders and doing what others say, or contesting for their own rights.

This pervasive order of this world’s system among God’s people has courted and captivated many people’s affections based upon each one’s need for companionship, family relations, comfort, security and honour.

Conversely, this Psalm 127, TPT, may redirect that source of security and comfort.

If God’s grace doesn’t help the builders,
they will labor in vain to build a house.
If God’s mercy doesn’t protect the city,
all the sentries will circle it in vain.
It really is senseless to work so hard
from early morning till late at night,
toiling to make a living for fear of not having enough.
God can provide for his lovers even while they sleep!
Children are God’s love-gift; they are heaven’s generous reward.
Children born to a young couple will one day rise to protect
and provide for their parents.
Happy will be the couple who has many of them!
A household full of children will not bring shame on your name
but victory when you face your enemies,
for your offspring will have influence and honor
to prevail on your behalf!

Our redemption is not by chance!

For the Lord has said: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you as a prophetic community: kings, priests and a holy nation: to the nations” ~Jeremiah 1:5 cp. 1 Peter 2:9.

But the adversary and accuser of My people has captivated your affections by his use of celestial laws which are conscience-driven demands based upon worldly desires for comfort, security, companionship and even family honour and support.

For where you’ve come to think that you lack these things, says your God, I-Have made this way of My promises to you of a secure and hopeful future ~Jeremiah 29:11-12, based upon the ways that I-Have cut covenant with you ~Genesis 15:12 & 17-18 cp. Isaiah 51:1-2.

My rest is your perfection, your beauty, your security and your comfort, even your stronghold of confidence for your hope of any honour and support in life. Keep your hopes up in Me, says the Lord, for your faith is precious and honourable to Me:

“For those of us who believe, faith activates the promise and we experience the realm of confident rest!

“Now if this promise of “rest” was fulfilled when Joshua brought the people into the land, God wouldn’t have spoken later of another “rest” yet to come.

“So we conclude that there is still a full and complete “rest” waiting for believers to experience. As we enter into God’s faith-rest-Life, we cease from our own works, just as God celebrates his finished works and rests in them.

“So then we must give our all and be eager to experience this faith-rest-Life, so that no one falls short by following the same pattern of doubt and unbelief (as the Israelites did when they followed but complained against Moses’ lead)

~Hebrews 4:3 & 8-11, TPT.

For, in many churches and among My people’s communities, social settings, work and cultural settings, it is as though you’ve been merely gleening in My harvest field but not participating in the fullness of the harvest’s reaping. “Ruth!”, “Your Boaz is near”.

I-Am your kinsman-redeemer, says Christ, and the comfort, security, companionship and even the family honour and support that you so earnestly desire, is in My courts, among My people and provided for you by Me as your faith activates My promises and you experience the realm of My confident rest!

This new conscience I-Am giving you, will cause you to be no longer enticed by the seductions of this world to the point of your falling into sin. For, as your faith activates My promises for your comfort, security, companionship, family honour and support; you will realize that: these I-Have for you.

Also, the affrontment of your conscience by the demands of others for your obedience to their will, I-Am cleansing from you. For I-Am the compassionate, longsuffering, merciful, forgiving and renewing, restoring King of your kingdom now, no others!

Look to Me alone in your loneliness and you will see clearly the path and conduct your are to take with others.

There are those who would offer you hope on an exclusively natural level, by pointing out “the way it’s always been done” and even recommending the conformity to subtle standards and practices of so-called faith in Me that’s no faith at all, like recommending that you practice your faith in the way that these others have practiced theirs, but this is the enemy’s trickery, for you have your own faith and it cannot be expanded and made effective this way, but only in My way.

The purity of My way is found in the way that I-Purify your motives. Beware of mirrors! For this is a distortion of My way with you, and for you, for the image is reversed. Many church practices and religious practices have been so well kept that they have become mirrors, but such church leaderships and church people have “got the cart before the horse”.

For haven’t I said: ” As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever feeds on Me, he also will live because of me”? ~John 6:57.

Your becoming like Me, is formed and fashioned by the way that I’ve sent you, whether as a mother or father, daughter or son, one of My body’s convenors and leaders, or as one of My body’s shepherds or learners, you will learn to be, and come to be like Me as you follow faithfully in the calling with which I-Have called you and sent you.

Seek out My calling and let your focus among men be fixed upon My calling alone, for not only have I-Known you but I-Am calling you and you are hearing My voice.

There is a concealment of a false plot and ploy at this place of your calling and sending by Me. But the anger it invokes, is not My will for you.

For the temptation for you to believe that you have none or little authority among men, stems from that mirror image of your desire for carnal comfort – friendships, family relations, honour among My people etc. – that’s promoted by other’s demands of your faith, which is not faith at all. It’s not faith in Me, but faith in, and subservience to men.

Your faith is Mine! I-Have claimed it ~Hebrews 10:36-39, and only I-Can operate it through your belief in My word ~Romans 10:9-11 cp. v17.

Therefore, please make your decision today to surrender to Me, for your presumptuous ways of mirror-image fatalism and courting the affections of others through your judgments of how their faith should operate, is burning My soul’s passions against you otherwise, and will result in your ostracization from My kindgom’s graces if you continue in these ways.

Your stopage is due to these things. Change your mind about how I’ve called you, how to conduct your advice to others and therefore how I-Have sent you to serve Me alone and not the interests of your own kingdom-building.

Albeit, My love will never leave you, but the taking away of My comforts and gracious way that you’ve otherwise known will teach you, until you change your mind about who I-Am in My sending of you.

The power of my shed-blood will never lose its power, so that My cleansing of your conscience in order that you may find the Way that I’ve sent you for your true and pure conduct among people, you will know, so long as you keep on ‘peering into the heart of My forgiveness’ and seeking My counsel.

My sheep hear My voice and they follow, who? They follow Me.

Above all, let Me be your companion in life, for I-Cherish your faith in Me.

As you centre your faith on your calling in Me, and your sending by Me, you will find your provision.

Since God Did It, You Can Trust Him

Holy Spirit is reminding us that we must always “remember the Lord our God’s covenant that He commanded for a thousand generations, the covenant that He made with Abraham ~1 Chronicles 16:14-16.

Many may think, that God’s covenant with Abraham was the covenant of circumcision, as given in Genesis 17:10-11, for the Hebrews’ religious practices, practise this rigorously and even Jesus was circumcised on the eighth day.

But the apostle Paul shows us in Romans 4:9-12 that circumcision is only “a seal of the righteousness that Abraham had by faith while he was still uncircumcised ~4:11, and Genesis 17:11 also agrees, that circumcision is merely a sign of God’s covenant.

So, what is this covenant that the Lord our God made with Abraham that king David says, we must remember, and are commanded to remember for a thousand generations?

To find out, we must refer to the very site that the apostle Paul refers to in Romans 4, that is: ~Genesis 15:6 “And Abraham believed the Lord and He counted it to him as righteousness”. For, in this context where the Lord promises Abram a son, the Lord also confirms His promise to Abram for his descendants that they will inherit their lands.

The process where the Lord our God confirms and establishes the covenant He made with Abraham, is simply wonderful and extremely important for our faith.

~1 The Lord instructs Abram to prepare a sacrifice, by preparing five animals and laying them out in order. Some time elapses, as Abraham waits upon the Lord ~15:7-11.

~2 The Lord puts Abram to sleep! A ‘dreadful and deep darkness’ falls upon Abram in his sleep and the Lord speaks to him in his sleep ~15:12-16.

~3 A smoking fire pot and a flaming torch passes through the pieces of the sacrifice that Abram had prepared, and God himself seals the covenant while Abram is still asleep.

How wonderful is that!

There’s all sorts of parallels that can be drawn from the process God used to establish this covenant with us – cp. God commanded that it’s to be observed and remembered for a thousand generations ~1 Chronicles 16:15 – but only one is most important, and that is that God himself sealed the covenant. God took the initiative. God made it, and not man.

No covenant would ever be effective if it was left up to man to establish and maintain it. That very fact – this eternal truth that mankind can never uphold an agreement with God – was proven by God giving us His law, and it was the purpose of the law, to show us that only God can justify anyone. Anyone’s meditaion on Romans 3:19-26 will show us so!

“Now we know that whatever the law says it speaks to those who are under the law, so that every mouth may be stopped, and the whole world may be held accountable to God. For by the works of the law no human being will be justified in His sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin.

“But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it – the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.

“For there is no distinction: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as the peacemaking, sacrificial offering through his blood, which offering is to be received by faith.

“This was to show God’s righteousness, because in his divine forbearance he had passed over former sins. It was to show his righteousness at the present time, so that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus ~Romans 3:19-26.

If it is God who justifies you, then no man can condemn you! If it is God who has established His covenant in the blood and body of Christ with you, then no man can take it away from you. Just like the smoking fire pot and flaming tourch of Abram’s ‘dreamtime sleep’, the Lord your God ‘did it all while you were asleep’.

For, “the righteousness of God” is “for all who believe” ~3:22.

There is no longer any distinction between Hebrew believers who practice law and others who do not ~3:22-23, because “all have sinned ..but… are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” ~3:23-24.

The “smoking fire pot and flaming tourch” with which God has cut this covenant for us, is that life of Christ that is offered to us for our justification, for the correction of our wrongs – the perfect Life that was lived in our place and was sacrificed for our sins, but was raised by the Spirit of Holiness in order to give us His virtue and position, not ours but His complete and perfect life, postion and virtue, given to us through our faith in Him.

God did it, while we were asleep!

God’s Child-Play Army

Prophecy’s Title: Cohesion and Supernatural Trust
A Personally Prophetic Dream
Interpreted for the Body and Bride of Christ

Dare to Dream!

Things will not be as they used to be! For I-Am building your cohesion together.

I-Am holding back My people from presumptuous sins and sins of unbelief by My Son’s brotherhood with you. For My heart and passion is for My Son’s bride, that there be no division, but only growth among My people into My Son’s authority and likeness.

You are finding a new way of rejoicing as My people together, as the espoused bride of My Son. You are encased as it were, among a family’s gathering and are finding a new and comforting fellowship with Me among My people, a new unity, a new vibrancy of friendship and a new cohesion of belief in Me. Stay your course! For this is the change I-Am seeking and making.

Many are being sent out by this cohesion of My family’s gathering-joy. I-Am infusing you with joy in order that your journey outwards will be with great freedom in the persuasion of who I-Am with you, for you, and against your adversary. My desires for each of you are forged in the furnace of My love for you from before the foundation of the worlds, and you’re becoming weapons of righteousness fit for My glory.

Be aware and pray for the awareness of My sent messengers whom I-Have sent for each one of you. For these are as a child’s play with you, but they are also heavenly beings and spirit-winds whom I-Have commissioned for each one’s protection, honour and forward march in my childs-play army!

For you, these sent messengers are for your joyful play, but for your adversaries, they are an ominous sign of doom, foreboding and destruction; but to the contrary, they are a sign of your salvation, for they carry My signs, wonders and miracles for your speech and command.

I-Have sent My Son as your brother and bridegroom, to court your affections by His Spirit and to constrain you through your divine and eternal knowledge of His comforting, guiding, counselling, consoling and helping knowledge, so that you won’t ‘strike your foot against a stone’, nor crush the ambitions of My people among whom you dwell and rejoice.

Therefore, seek the knowledge of My Son.

Beware of carnal knowledge, My people – that boastful pride that arises from anything else but My sacrificial, enduring and hopeful type of love. I-Am the Lord and there is no God besides Me. It is I-Who court your affections and no other, for My love is not known to any other, but I-Have revealed my love to you who believe in My Son.

Therefore be strong and take courage!

For My global army is praying for your nation and they are desiring with a sacrificial love, that this cohesion of your faith and works, will be effective for what you call revival. For you say that I-Turn-Up, but I’ve never turned you down! So, be strong and take courage for I-Delight in your many prayers and Will answer those who are consistent in prayer.

As you see the times change, whether for good or for evil, remember My goodness and faithfulness, for many changes are afoot, but your manner of conduct and faithfulness in My presence is your guard and your shield against any changes.

Many peoples, nations and governments are in turmoil, but this is the world’s fringe of a border around My elaborate tapestry which I-Have made of you. This fringe will serve the tapestry-covering as you delight in this cohesion I-Am making among you, for I-Have ordained it.

The whole scriptural foundation of this prophecy

is contained in an eBook called

God’s Child-Play Army

The outcome of the whole eBook’s study, is something like this ~Psalm 2:7-8 & 12, TPT.

“I will reveal the eternal purpose of God.
For he has decreed over me, ‘You are my favored Son.
And as your Father I have crowned you as my King Eternal.
Today I became your Father.
Ask me to give you the nations and I will do it,
and they shall become your legacy ~vv7-8.

Fall facedown before him and kiss the Son
before his anger is roused against you.
Remember that his wrath can be quickly kindled!
But many blessings are waiting for all
who turn aside to hide themselves in him! ~v12.

‘Turning aside to hide ourselves in Him’ seems like a clothing exercise – putting on armour! And doing this by “kissing” Him, indicates our worshipful role in God.

But it is He, who kisses us!

For the Son has worshipped us, by taking on our humanity and redeeming us:

“In this is love, not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the peacemaking (and love evoking) sacrifice for our sins ~1 John 4:10.

The eBook traces these worshipful roles,

showing that we live out our worship & victory by our child-likeness.

Eternal Life in the Garden

I wonder if this really is God’s call to each of us,

as the apostle Paul put it to “his son” Timothy:

“Lay your hands upon eternal life, for this is your calling – celebrating in faith before the multitude of witnesses! ~1 Timothy 6:12, Passion Translation.

And Paul gets even more emphatic, later on in this same paragraph to Timothy: “I instruct you before the God of Resurrection Life and before Jesus … that you follow this commission faithfully” ~1 Timothy 6:13-14. It’s definitely a commission! a commission of divine origin, as is evident by Paul’s zeal.

In Timothy’s case, “the multitude of witnesses” may have been a company of people, for Paul himself laid hands on him and commissioned him ~2 Timothy 1:6; but it may also be “the great cloud of witnesses” mentioned in Hebrews 12:1 which follows immediately the “heroes of faith” -chapter, which are past saints – those who have passed on to glory but who are somehow present as witnesses.

For Paul instructed Timothy about his calling: Lay your hands upon eternal life, for this is your calling – celebrating in faith before the multitude of witnesses!

That’s something like we do, in church, in our prayer meetings and as oft as it happens, daily! – celebrating in faith before the multitude of witnesses! and laying our hands on, or taking hold of eternal life.

Could it be, that Timothy’s father in the faith was instructing him that this is his whole duty and honour in this, his lifetime? – to ‘lay hold of eternal life and celebrate through faith in God before the multitude of witnesses’.

I know by experience that Holy Spirit’s presence comes to such worshipers, and it’s heavenly for sure!

We are called to “hold” eternal life, which is “a given” from anyone’s reading of John 17:3, Hebrews 7:16 cp. Romans 6:4. The power of an indestructible life such as Hebrews says is ours, through God’s gift to us by the resurrection ~Romans 6:4.

Also 1 John 2:17 makes it more plain: “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever”. The term: ‘lives forever’, is equal to ‘lives eternally’ in the original Greek wording. Therefore, eternal life is here-and-now, a real and true ownership and possession of the believing one, life-long!

But the presence of heaven’s great cloud of witnesses, each one would have to decide on, through our experience in worship and through our ‘walking with Him in the garden’.

For has God or has He not, perfected our righteousness and sanctification? ~Romans 5:17 and ~Hebrews 10:14 as examples; so that we can walk with Him ‘in the garden’ as Adam and Eve did, pre sin? ~Genesis 2:8-15 cp. ~3:8. For it was the Lord’s habit to walk with His made-people, in the “breeze of the day”, in the garden in the evening.

Will we walk with the Lord by holding onto eternal life, walking in the presence of His heavenly witnesses? Has God called us to this, as our main ‘lifeline’ in this world? I believe so. For where else do we belong, since we are strangers and pilgrims in this world, but to heaven’s presence and to an everlasting life through our worshipful lifestyle?

In my eyes, we need to consider these things as now-time truth; if we are ever going to walk in them – eternal life and a presence of heavenly witness. For, wasn’t it Stephen the martyr in the early part of Acts, who ‘saw heaven open’? ~Acts 7:56 as though it was already there, but it only appeared to comfort him as he was being martyred.

While we’re here, throughout this pilgrimage, we fix our eyes on the things that are unseen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal ~2 Corinthians 4:18. Therefore, we have an enchanting “garden-walk” with Holy Spirit that captures our hearts with God’s will and heaven’s immediacy, where He captures our hearts with all goodness, love, mercy and truth so as we are enabled to walk upright, confident and ‘in command’.

Take a walk in His garden, won’t you. The apostle Paul says we’re called to it, by God! and that it’s our very life’s stay and stability, this stay of our now-time knowledge and walking in the way of Eternal Life, and our conviction of the Presence of Witnesses, whether natural or supernatural; as this coupling of our commission “here on earth as it is in heaven”.

The ‘coming together’ of this post and article was inspired by:

Brian Simmons’ prophetic post as posted on Facebook on Wed. 18th Oct. 2017

The old order is quickly passing away

The season of change you have anticipated has now come, My child. It will be your love for Me that will see you through the most difficult of times. Disruptive revelation that brings the shocking truth to the media, to the government, and to My church—disruptive revelation that overturns the tables of religious profit—will bring about My righteous ways.

New mission strategies are coming to you in dreams and through prayer. Great understanding of My mysteries are coming to those who sit with Me on My blood-sprinkled love seat. The old order is quickly passing away, and a new breed is arising. They will be known as daybreakers and dawnmakers. They belong to Me and to Me alone. As My fiery servants, they accelerate the changes I am bringing to the earth. They will bring back My ways of holiness and passionate love.

Have I not called you to love with all of your heart and all of your passion? This is the day of all, not part, My child. You will see all of My love and all of My power at the disposal of those who have sought My face with all of their hearts.

The season of change has come, My child. You have heard it before, but know I declare it again: you will never be the same again, for I have placed My hands upon you, My church, My bride.

“Timothy, you are God’s man, so run from all these errors. Instead, chase after true holiness, justice, faithfulness, love, hope, and tender humility. There is a battle raging, so fight with faith for the winner’s prize! Lay your hands upon eternal life, for this is your calling—celebrating in faith before the multitude of witnesses! So now, I instruct you before the God of Resurrection Life and before Jesus, the Anointed One, who demonstrated a beautiful testimony even before Pontius Pilate, that you follow this commission faithfully with a clear conscience and without blemish until the appearing of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah.” ~1 Timothy 6:11–14.