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Prophetic Confirmations presents a comparison of recent prophecies – now April 2021 – showing prophetic confirmation between them, not proof of predictions fulfilled (some) but confirmations of those recently claimed, by comparison.

Vaccine-Roll-Out So, we’ve come-as-a-nation to this point! It’s quite unbelievable that we’re in a state of covert warfare. But the logic bears it out. Welcome to my 26-page, statistical analysis of how we’re positioned for the imminent “Covid-19 ‘vaccination’ Roll Out”. Posted on Sunday 14th February 2021.

Forewarned is Forearmed. This 14-page, picture illustrated document is concerned with my own personal and logical inquiry into the relevance of conspiracy theories and theorists: what relevance they have within this current crisis to our own personal needs: April 18th 2020. It’s a “one-stop-shop” and source of information about current influences and why “we need to know”: Forewarned is Forearmed.

Climate Variation is a 20-page eBook that grapples with the issue of Climate Change on the basis of my own ‘self-opinionated’ opinions! but as backed up with many reports. It attempts to bring some knowledge to the alleged, hidden agendas of technological climate modification and manipulation. It presents evidence of the real, true causes and effects of technological tampering with the weather, and most importantly, gives an effective prayer against these things that I believe, originates in God’s heart.

Priestly Service and Authority is a Bible teaching for all Christian believer’s faith in our priestly role here-on-earth as it is in heaven. So, ‘it turns out’ that our heavenly portal for bringing in God’s will on earth, is our conscience as God’s ordained altar, upon which the blood of His Son has already been sacrificed.

The conclusion that my writing of this eBook bought me to, quite surprised me! “Until we-as-God’s-Church realise that each believer’s conscience is worthy of priesthood in the ways that I’ve shown here Biblically in this eBook, Jesus won’t come! At least, not until we believe it, and preach-&-teach it consistently so that His people are free to do His will at His bidding”.

Meditations will interest anyone who’s positioned in Papa-God’s heart-of-hearts for acknowledging and communicating His heart. Holy Spirit gives the Christ-believer the ability to speak God’s Word and see results.

Inhabiting Zion: Cut to the Chase is the text of a prophetic claim including a thorough appraisal and critique of the claim’s scriptural foundation. ‘Cut to the Chase’ is a term I’ve used for correcting the error of Bible interpretation that’s caused Christian believers to deny and forego our now-time, heavenly heritage. We have come to Zion.

Whispering Words is both a description of our great and good God’s covenantal commitment to anointing us as believers in Jesus Christ, and an appraisal of that anointing for any Christian’s spiritual authority and spiritual warfare.

The Door of Heavenly Service claims that as Christian believers we have traction or cohesion, even unity with our Father-God’s will and volition through the New Covenant. It explains the change in the way we serve God (ministry) that’s now enabled and gloriously empowered by the Spirit of Christ for any believer.

Key to the Knowledge is a thorough-going appraisal and interpretation of Luke 11:49-52, revealing that Christian believers are God’s cherished, protected and heaven-borne, heavenly citizens who have the key to the knowledge of God! The “call” of this 53-page eBook, is something like this short article I wrote some time ago.

God’s Child-Play Army is centered around descriptions of the Christian’s childlike liberty, by focusing on a prophecy and its scriptural foundation. It includes a central theme of angelic help for believers and how we may enter into knowing and using such help.


Convergent Claim of the People’s Grace Gifts is a comprehensive study and the start of a Trust document for the churches. It provides many scripture links, which make the scriptures it uses, easy to access, and these will explain its claims. It may be used as a study tool, and will be a help for anyone who has faith in God’s word and loves His church.

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Stargazing with the Star Maker – a short booklet, that gives the interpretation of a series of divine dreams, and a guide for dream interpretation.


Matched Mates – a simple explanation and example of Bible interpretation.


Nations! By God! – a thorough examination of what nations are “meant to be” from the stand-point of the Holy Bible’s divine revelation.


Nations & Global Islam – a now-time, snap-shot of what the effects of global Islam’s spread “has achieved”, and a “break-down” of some of Islam’s teachings.