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Key to the Knowledge is a thorough-going appraisal and interpretation of Luke 11:49-52, revealing that Christian believers are God’s cherished, protected and heaven-borne, heavenly citizens who have the key to the knowledge of God! The “call” of this 53-page eBook, is something like this short article I wrote some time ago.

God’s Child-Play Army is centered around descriptions of the Christian’s childlike liberty, by focusing on a prophecy and its scriptural foundation. It includes a central theme of angelic help for believers and how we may enter into knowing and using such help.

For the Body and Bride, is a write-up of the notes I used to make a message and share this message with Destiny Church in Taree on Sunday 24th September 2017. The notes provide ‘more than I preached’ – lots of explanations and background. There’s also a video of my message’s delivery here, and the ‘missing introduction’ that the video neglected to record is written here on a Facebook post! Phew! My message starts about 2 minutes into the video, so please put up with the start or just go to 2.10 into the video.

ebook-advertConvergent Claim of the People’s Grace Gifts is a comprehensive study and the start of a Trust document for the churches. It provides many scripture links, which make the scriptures it uses, easy to access, and these will explain its claims. It may be used as a study tool, and will be a help for anyone who has faith in God’s word and loves His church.

Cover 4Stargazing with the Star Maker – a short booklet, that gives the interpretation of a series of divine dreams, and a guide for dream interpretation.

fathers-coverFathered in the Arms of Love – a brief background of “yours truly”, and another divine dream’s interpretation; also some background information for dream interpretation.

cover-pictureMatched Mates – a simple explanation and example of Bible interpretation.

nations-by-god-title-pgNations! By God! – a thorough examination of what nations are “meant to be” from the stand-point of the Holy Bible’s divine revelation.

coverNations & Global Islam – a now-time, snap-shot of what the effects of global Islam’s spread “has achieved”, and a “break-down” of some of Islam’s teachings.