If we’re going to win this battle for our nation, for the freedoms we enjoy and for our livelihoods, we’re going to have to maintain a true focus.

Two, three of four things will help with that.

One: It’s a spiritual battle.

Former communist and trade union leader: John Wilson is interviewed by Riccardo Bosi and shows in no uncertain terms that the battle we’re in is not a legal battle, it’s not a Constitutional battle, nor a social battle etc, but that it’s a spiritual battle.

John’s down-to-earth, gutsy way of presenting his encouraging claims is something to behold!

Two: It’s real. It’s a genocidal campaign, but there is an answer to combat it.

On the 21st August 2021, there was a Freedom Rally in Darwin, Northern Territory. This David Cole whose totem name is Nurnpa (pronounced Laurn-pa, and meaning King Fisher, messenger) boldly ‘faced off’ the corporate police with steady courage, and unflinching nerve.

Lurnpa also addressed the Rally, giving an inspiring speech. Please see this video, as pictured:

It’s not as though the ‘indigenous push back’ and claim of sovereignty is the only answer, for there’s many now who are opposing the renegade policies, oppressive enforcements and threatening restrictions of our freedoms such as Reignite Democracy Australia, Australians Say No, AustraliaOne and ‘a handful’ of faithful politicians, alongside growing movements of out-of-work, workers; also doctors, lawyers and law-claimants, class actions etc.

But Launpa’s speech in this next video shows a source of unity that’s at the Heart of our great nation, lands, peoples and whole spiritual identity as a nation of unique people. It includes law but it’s not dependant on law, but rather on lore (cultural knowledge, and needless to say: each of us have some sort of lore, whether it’s family or whether it’s social etc, it’s lore!).

Will we let this current trauma – for it is a trauma, no matter which way you look at it! – overtake our identity as a nation, or will we let it forge it?


Beware! It’s sad. It’s true. And it’s ‘gently confronting’. But, it’s our battle ground.

Remember. It’s a spiritual battleground for which any true Christian will know, is already won, but we just need to ‘go there’ and take up His prayers over it. Don’t let the confrontation of the world’s threats scare you. Let it be your invitation ‘into the furnace’ with ‘the fourth man’.

Three: All the threats are exposed as lawlessness.

Once you realize that there’s hundreds and thousands of people, including police, lawyers, doctors and many professional and occupational people, even judges resisting the unlawful laws, it emboldens us to ‘take up the weapons’ of our spiritual warfare and use them.

While as true Christ-believers, we don’t belong to this world’s system, we still need to wage our spiritual warfare over it in order to maintain our peace, our own personal peace. So, we first must realize what position we’re in lawfully amid the threat of the State governments’ use of unlawful laws.

Basically, according to Discrimination laws, we’re being victimized by our own governments, and there are penalties for them doing so. Therefore, I’ve written this summary of laws that show this to be true. It also shows at the end, links to information that will help people recover from any degree of covid sickness.

The eBook has this cover:

For a more comprehensive background to the laws shown in the above eBook, please see this foundational explanation: What is Mandatory?

Eagles soar! Yes, eagles soar.

But eagles also ‘paw’.

Go, the eagles!

Four: It’s you-&-yours, what you say, what you believe and therefore what you do.

Let’s merge into a new, fresh, complete and unique national identity as Australians, against the tyranny of corporate greed and control. Force us or forge us! We win. Eagles rise! The heavens are yours.

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